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Mar 31, 2002 06:15 PM

pizza without cheese

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I stopped eating dairy products a few years ago (let's not get into why), and though I basically don't miss them at all, the one real bummer is that I can't eat pizza. Now, I understand in a theoretical way that it's possible to order a pizza without cheese, but I'm too much of a coward to walk into a pizza joint and actually try it. Can anyone suggest an excellent pizza joint where they are likely to comprehend a request for a non-dairy pizza and produce something really interesting in response? I'm on the west side but I get around so location doesn't much matter.

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  1. Sorriso on Colorado in Old Town Pasadena makes a shrimp pizza without chees as I recall. Amy's has a frozen pizza made with soy cheese. I think Puck now has a frozen cheeseless pizza or 2.

    1. z pizza will do your non-dairy bidding no questions asked. good and occasionally great pizza with crust that you will actually enjoy eating and not only feed to your dog. multiple locations.

      see link below.


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        Okay, so I went to the Z Pizza in West Hollywood. Nice people, pretty good pizza. Not cheap. $5 for the crust and then $1 per ingredient. I ended up spending about $11 for a small (as in, not filling, for better or worse) thin-crust pizza and a small soda. It did provide the pizza experience I was looking for. I tried the soy cheese on the pizza, and it was either the spitting image of real pizza cheese or else they just made a mistake. You're certainly right that they made the pizza non-dairy without blinking. The pizza guy comprehended this requirement with no problem. So, okay, the next time it's worth $11 to me to recapture that pizza experience, I know where to go. Thanks a lot.

        1. re: Stan

          11 bucks and not filling? ouch. i feel your pain. i think i've only been into the one on larchmont once and had a slice of the day for about 2 bucks which i thought was a really good deal but then again there's individual appetites.

          normally i get delivery and that i must tell you can be a real steal. i know that i've had a large mushroom delivered for something like $15!

          the trick is to ask about the discounts - if they still do them. i think it's something like 25 percent off and free delivery. plus if you return the box for recycling they knock off another buck on your next order.

          i thought they mentioned the discounts on the website otherwise i would have tipped you off already.

          good luck on the dairy free thing.

          1. re: louisa

            I've been allergic to milk products my entire life, and have never had problems accessing pizza without cheese, when it comes to dining out situations. Also ready-made I've had good luck with Whole Foods, as they have multiple varieties of cheeseless (and even soy cheese - not something that interests me terribly but hey, if it floats your boat...) pizza.

            But what has failed me is the ready-made crusts - Contadina used to make one without cheese but now Boboli (which uses cheese in the crust) has the monopoly, it seems... does anyone know of any other brands, and if so, where would I find them?


      2. There was a time when cheese was forbidden from my diet and I worked in an office building that harbored a California Pizza Kitchen. CPK will cheerfully leave the cheese off of any pizza at your request.

        1. I've found that most places will look at you funny when you request no cheese, but they quickly come around and will fix what you ask for - i.e. go ahead and try the places you used to go to when you could eat cheese! I can back up the CPK comment below - they have no problem with this. Another suggestion: try goat's cheese. Have fun searching!

          1. Trader Joe has a frozen totally cheeseless ratatouille pizza. Having scarfed one down last nite, I can say it's good. And about $4 as I recall.