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Mar 11, 2008 03:21 PM

Swedish smorgasbord in L.A.

Are there any restaurants that serve Swedish food smorgasbord style in the L.A. area? There had been one in Chatsworth a few years ago (next to the biker bar and strip joint) but it wasn't very good and is now closed.

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    1. re: ns1


      No it is not related - this is just your typical buffet type restaurant, American food, been there forever...

      1. re: Michelle

        sorry had no idea haha. i drive by it all the time never even knew what it was. thanks for the heads up

    2. Maybe:

      Nordic Fox - Downey - (562) 869-1414

      I doubt it:

      Olsen's Scandanavian Deli - West Hollywood - (323) 938-0742

      Those maybe the "Only" 2 places in L.A. that serve that style of cuisine; otherwise, you might have to drive up to Solvang (2 1/2 hours north).

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        Yeah, Olsen's does not have food to go (altho they may make sandwiches) but they have a couple of good cheeses and meats. They have frozen lefse and other items that you can prepare for yourself.
        I met the owner of the Nordic Fox at the Cal Lutheran festival last year, and she said that they had a lot of items on their menu, but I have not yet made it down there to see if she was telling the truth. Either way, she was really sweet (her hubby, too).
        As Matt says, Ikea may be your best bet. I always go for their shrimp sandwich (which I crave) and some lingonberry saft. Their meatballs are actually really, really good. My mom no longer makes them by hand, she buys the bag and the gravy mix in the Ikea marketplace and goes to town. In the marketplace, I always get the knackebrod (blue packet), the husholds (or bondost) cheese from Olsen's (or Ikea) and the Swedish pickles (in the jar) and eat that. That is what I used to eat at school in Norway. Also, rough bread with white cheese and strawberry jam for breakfast. Nothing beats it!! ;-)
        As Joani states below, definitely try the Scandinavian Festival. That is where you will probably find the most authentic food.
        Also, Vasa Park off Kanan Road (towards the ocean) has several Swedish festivals a year and they always offer food. I will post when I find out that they are having an event. They normally do Midsommar along with others.

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          We need Gustaf Anders or the restaurant's clone back. Our family loved the herring table and its sophisticated menu. I like Olsen's - and thenk goodness they own the building so rents won't push them out. In addition to the cheese and ham I really like Olsen's herring salad, moussey pate and meatballs.

      2. I think they're all passe, but you may be interested in the annual Scandinavian Festival, April 19 - 20, California Lutheran University, Thousand Oaks, (805)241-0391;

        1. There used to be one where Seafood Paradise is in Westminster, but that was a long time ago.

          1. Sadly, the Ikea cafe in Burbank may be your closet thing...

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