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One night/dinner in Toronto recommendations?

I'll be in the Toronto area for one night next week and I'm looking for recommendations. It'll be a casual work dinner. Nothing super fancy or formal, but if you had to pick one place that we shouldn't miss for the food...where would it be?

Any recommendations are appreciated!

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  1. Another option is The Bloor St. Diner, Manulife Centre(corner of Bay & Bloor)
    55 Bloor Street West - Toronto

    Check out www.eatertainment.com/restaurants/blo...

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      There is nothing special about the Bloor St. Diner, especially if you only have one night in Toronto. It's a chain and very uninspiring.

      Lee is a good suggestion. Other options for a local Toronto experience would be JK Wine Bar or Rosebud.

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        Bloor Street Diner is not super fancy or formal so you got that right but, no offence, surely it's not a "can't miss for the food" kind of place.

      2. Lee
        It's the 'faster food' side of Susur (who is one of our top chefs).

        603 King St W, Toronto, ON M5V1M5, CA

        1. You'll be in the Toronto 'area'. Does location for your dinner matter? Downtown?

          1. Another vote for JK Wine Bar...
            - agree that Bloor Street Diner is absolutely nothing special
            - Rosebud is a charming neighbourhood spot, but not a destination, IMHO
            - never been to Lee (although I think Susur is great)

            JKWB gets my vote because it does pay attention to local and seasonal ingredients, small plates mean that you can try a variety of different tastes, good atmosphere and people watching.

              1. I agree with those above that Jamie Kennedy's wine bar fits your criteria -

                Jamie Kennedy
                9 Church St, Toronto, ON M5E1M2, CA

                1. Oh God. Please don't go to the horribly mediocre Bloor St Diner. How embarrassing!

                  It would be helpful if you could say what area of the city.

                  Downtown, Jamie Kennedy Wine Bar is an excellent suggestion

                  Midtown there's Mistura

                  Further uptown, there's Scaramouche Pasta Bar & Grill

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                    In truth...I don't have too much of a geography constraint. Easy to drive to in general is probably one criteria. We'll be staying in Mississauga, so maybe closer to the west side of town may be easier.

                    JKWB looks like a solid pick and pretty easy to get to, so I'll give that a try. Thanks to everyone for the help!

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                      Another thumbs down on Bloor St Diner. Typical Eatertainment mediocrity dressing itself up.

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                        Unfortunately it looks like JKWB doesn't have any more reservations. Have you heard anything about Swan at 892 Queen St. W. | (Strachan Ave.) They don't have a website.

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                          Swan is a charming neighbourhood resto... nice comfort-foody-y menu, interior looks like a Hopper painting. Nice local place, but I'd question whether it's a destination, and I would not call it a "not-miss" for the food.

                          PS - I do like the Swan!!

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                            They are okay, but there are better choices. In additions to the ones I suggested above, there's Cava.

                            The Rosebud is also good

                            And Amuse Bouche

                            Some other interesting stuff listed here:

                        2. Oh, I just saw that you're staying in Mississauga. Do you know Toronto's geography well? That's a looooong way west from downtown.

                          Via Allegro is widely considered one of the best spots in the western GTA, but it might be too formal.

                          Otherwise, I think you are looking at a 30-40 minute highway drive into downtown for any of the places mentioned above.

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                          1. re: grilledcheese

                            doesn't via have two faces? one more formal and the other much less so? could still work really well.

                            1. re: pinstripeprincess

                              Didn't the OP want good food? Via Allegro has good wine!
                              And assuming the drive in is along the QEW/Gardiner then we're only talking minutes between most of the Toronto suggestions.
                              I still recommend Lee.

                              PS JKWB never takes reservations that anyone here has reported achieving. I believe it's only for around 6:00. I recall a previous thread on this.

                              1. re: estufarian

                                Yes, Lee is a very good idea too, assuming the OP wants to drive in town.

                          2. If you're in the west end to begin with, Sushi Kaji is a good bet. It's some of the nicest sushi you'll ever have. Be prepared to spend some money, but it's money well spent.