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Mar 11, 2008 02:55 PM

Best 16oz Steak UNDER $20 in Los Angeles

This wasn't so hard to find in Chicago ... not even in NY. But here in Los Angeles, finding a really good 16oz NY Strip under $20 seems impossible. And forget those pieces of shoe leather at Norm's ... blech! Anyone know a diner or cafe serving this?

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  1. Okay. I don't think anyone will do better for you than this. El Paso Barbecue Co. in Tarzana. Their online menu shows a PRIME Delmonico 16oz steak for $20.95. And, for the record, I've had steak for lunch there a number of times and have always been happy and amazed at the value. BTW, although I am not generally a fan of steak fries, theirs are great!

    Here's a link:

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      Yes....I am a fan of El Paso BBQ as well. I usually go for the baseball steak or the ribs. Good steak fries and onion rings too.

    2. I don't know how long ago you were in Chicago or New York, but in the era of gas prices over $3, I don't really think the wholesale price of prime grade new york strip is compatible with a restaurant price under $20 regardless of whether it's here or any other major city -- I dunno, maybe there's a $19 steak out there somewhere I don't know about, or maybe your idea of a good steak is choice or select cuts (blech). I hate to say it but if I were forced to limit my budget to $20 for a steak, I'd probably go to the Outback and even there $20 buys you only 12 ounces of strip.

        1. Taste on Melrose used to have a pretty nice one, served with mashed and veggies (I think it was asparagus). I don't love that place, but I remember the steak was consistently good.

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            Taste's steak is a filet mignon (not a NY strip), costs $25, and is well under 16 ounces.

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              I don't know what's on the menu now (haven't been there in ages), but the one we had was a NY strip, and it was quite large. That was about a year or year and a half ago.

          2. I doubt it's 16 ounces or prime, but the steak dinner at Tender Greens (comes with mashed potatoes and a salad) for $10 is an absolute steal. I don't know what the cut is, but it is good. Haven't been to George Petrelli's in a while, have you checked their prices?