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Best 16oz Steak UNDER $20 in Los Angeles

This wasn't so hard to find in Chicago ... not even in NY. But here in Los Angeles, finding a really good 16oz NY Strip under $20 seems impossible. And forget those pieces of shoe leather at Norm's ... blech! Anyone know a diner or cafe serving this?

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  1. Okay. I don't think anyone will do better for you than this. El Paso Barbecue Co. in Tarzana. Their online menu shows a PRIME Delmonico 16oz steak for $20.95. And, for the record, I've had steak for lunch there a number of times and have always been happy and amazed at the value. BTW, although I am not generally a fan of steak fries, theirs are great!

    Here's a link:http://www.venturablvd.com/elpasobbq/

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      Yes....I am a fan of El Paso BBQ as well. I usually go for the baseball steak or the ribs. Good steak fries and onion rings too.

    2. I don't know how long ago you were in Chicago or New York, but in the era of gas prices over $3, I don't really think the wholesale price of prime grade new york strip is compatible with a restaurant price under $20 regardless of whether it's here or any other major city -- I dunno, maybe there's a $19 steak out there somewhere I don't know about, or maybe your idea of a good steak is choice or select cuts (blech). I hate to say it but if I were forced to limit my budget to $20 for a steak, I'd probably go to the Outback and even there $20 buys you only 12 ounces of strip.

        1. Taste on Melrose used to have a pretty nice one, served with mashed and veggies (I think it was asparagus). I don't love that place, but I remember the steak was consistently good.

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            Taste's steak is a filet mignon (not a NY strip), costs $25, and is well under 16 ounces.

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              I don't know what's on the menu now (haven't been there in ages), but the one we had was a NY strip, and it was quite large. That was about a year or year and a half ago.

          2. I doubt it's 16 ounces or prime, but the steak dinner at Tender Greens (comes with mashed potatoes and a salad) for $10 is an absolute steal. I don't know what the cut is, but it is good. Haven't been to George Petrelli's in a while, have you checked their prices?

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                Again, not under $20 but a great deal is Clearman's. http://www.clearmansrestaurants.com

              2. I think the best steak bargain in town is Pinnacle Peak, although a bit far. One location in San Dimas, another in Colton. I think most of their steak offerings are under $20. This company raises its own cattle. They also have good ribs and chicken.


                My "link to a place beta" isn't working, but here is the website link.

                Just for fun, bring a necktie that you hate so they can cut it off and hang it on the wall.

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                  Wow! I didn't even know Pinnacle Peak's was still around. When we were kids (40 years ago), we used to make the trek from the SFV. Sitting on benches... I still remember the beans. Oops, I started to ask if they still cut off ties just as I was reading the end of your post!

                2. Strickly FYI - Meaning I haven't sampled them:

                  Sticking with a NY Strip under $20, not a 16 oz., but a 10 oz with sides for $17.95 at Colombo's Italian Steak House in Eagle Rock:


                  Cafe Flore in WeHo has a NY, but not a "strip" though, 12 oz. USDA Prime with sides for $19.95 that shouldn't taste like shoe leather:


                  NY Strip Steaks are offered in the major Steakhouse Chains in L.A.: Morton's, Maestro's, Fleming's, Ruths Chris, The Palm (ala carte between $38.95 to $44), but very few places else.

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                    what's the difference between a NY and a NY strip? Aren't they the same thing?

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                      Well, J.F., I was hoping that somebody else with superior knowledge then myself would have chimed in by now, but they haven't. So I'll take a logical guess - the meat is exactly the same but the N.Y. "strip" has that corner of fat removed (or "striped") before it is weighed, while the old fashion (traditional) N.Y., is sold by the pound with that corner of fat still attached. And that may make a difference to a restaurant diner who wants to know what he or she is paying for before they ordered it "by" the ounce. ? . ?

                      So if somebody else whats to respond back & tell me that I'm absolutely clueless and don't know what I'm talking about, please do so!

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                        Hmm. Thanks; that sounds eminently reasonable.

                  2. Seriously? A pound of quality meat for under $20 in NY or Chicago? I find that hard to believe. I assume you mean meat only (no sides), especially since the price of meat alone is going to come pretty close to that pricepoint (without factoring in sides, rent, energy consumption, waitstaff, etc).

                    Here's my suggestion: this week, HOWS markets has Choice NY steaks for $6.99/lb. Get one of those, a potato, some spinach, a head of iceberg lettuce, and a handful of cooked, tail-on shrimp. Build your own steak dinner @ home. Assuming you already have some stuff like butter, cocktail sauce, & salad dressing at home, you can probably do the dinner under $20, even if you add in the cost of utilities to prepare the meal & wash the dishes.

                    1. Tranquility Base at 8th and Grand downtown has a new york steak for $11. It was served sliced, with arugula and shaved parmesan, and a balsamic reduction. I was quite delicious, but I am not sure how many ounces it was. I really felt it was a good value for the price.