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Mar 11, 2008 02:51 PM

Forté di Asprinio (West Palm Beach)

Has anyone tried this place yet? I'll be in the area later this week and may have time to grab lunch. This is Stephen from season 1 of Top Chef's new place.

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  1. Haven't been, but here is a little more info on it.

    1. I havent been there yet, but he was one of my favorites on Top Chef. I saw some pics of the place here

      1. The menu is up on menupages...

        looks interesting and reasonably priced. The comments at the site say the service and room felt uptight, which I could see after watching the show. The website is not running yet. One thing that is for certain - they will have one hell of a wine list. They also say that a strong focus is on house cocktails, with an in house mixologist and 3 sommeliers working the room.

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        1. Michael Ruhlman just dined there and blogged about his experience here:

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              Went last night (a Friday) and contrary to zenana's experience, it was deserted. We were early but even as we left around 8 there were only a few tables full. Perhaps that's because it's out of season. I hope they continue to get enough business because the meal was great.

              The tuna-based amuse and the house made foccacia were indicators of good things to come. I started with pumpkin soup, which included a few small marshmallows with five spice powder. I'm not one for marshmallows but these were wonderful. A companion had the ceaser, which was one of the best I've had - I don't mind the whole romaine leaves. For main, I chose salmon. I enjoyed the farro with it and the fish was done nicely - not particularly memorable like the soup was, but a good dish. My husband had the veal burger. Very flavorful - heirloom tomato, good fresh bun, cooked perfectly. Others had the carbonara, which they enjoyed (I didn't taste it). Desserts were well-executed and enough to share - we each got one and only one of the four of us finished.

              Service was fine - we had a professional and friendly waiter. The gap between appetizers and main course was longer than many restaurants, but this actually suited me. We were dressed on the preppy side and felt a bit out of place in the club-style decor when we walked in, but the other patrons looked more like us and nobody gave us snooty looks, so it was fine. I second the "go, go, go"!