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Mar 11, 2008 02:46 PM

Engagement party in Toronto

I was looking for a place to hold an engagement party for 20-25 people that is of a reasonable price ($20-30 per plate) in Toronto. We are looking for gourmet fusion food.

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  1. Check out

    In particular click on "Private Dining" from the list on the left of this restaurant, Susur Restaurant Tel. 416.603.2205

    Chef Susur Lee is a legend with his fusion creations and remarkable ingenious unparalleled in Canada.

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    1. re: passionate1

      Susur is great, but it'll cost a lot closer to $100-$125 per person. Without drinks included;)

      The OP is looking for something that costs between $20 and $30 per person.

      1. re: phoenikia

        We're looking for something a bit less expensive as we are both students!

    2. I always think engagement parties should be fun, affordable and more casual that the wedding (think Golden Globes before the Oscar's). Here are a few suggestions:
      1. - the new location on Adelaide has private rooms you can book for your party
      3. - romantic and hip , but don't think they have private dining, but you call and enquire
      4. - old school romantic, I had my wedding in the Great Hall below, it was unforgettable.

      * Do you have a theme for your wedding? Maybe you want to play on that. Another option is to do an ethnic restaurant (will definitely be cheaper) that ties to your honeymoon destination (e.g. Caribbean, Asian buffets


      Good luck and congratulations!

      1. It's a bit outside of your price range, but Quince (which has a private space downstairs) will do a three-course menu for $35. I've never done a group event there, but their food is generally excellent.

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