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ISO orange flower water & rose water

I'm looking for both ingredients for cocktails in the columbia/baltimore area. I guess I could find them in a middle eastern store, but I have no clue where those are either. Thanks so much (:

I actually live in Odenton...so anywhere near here would be better, but of course I'm willing to drive anywhere close by

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  1. I'd imagine that they would have them at Whole Foods. You might try David's Natural Market as well.

    1. They have it at Yekta, a Middle Eastern store on Rockville Pike in Rockville if you are headed that way for some other reason. We bought the orange water last weekend..

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        I will be twds rockville this weekend so that sounds like a great suggestion. maybe I can pick up some middle eastern ingredients.....do they prepare anything delicious over there by any chance?

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          yes, they also have a cafe adjacent to the store. It is located on the east side of the Pike around the corner from the frontage road in a strip that also includes Joe's Noodle House. It is slightly north of Congressional Plaza and sort of opposite from Staples and Petco.

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            Wegmans had both the last I went to the store, which was last Thursday. You'll find them in the sugar/flour/spice aisle.

        1. i just saw both of those at a little eat in/carry out place i love called Cedars Cafe in the Rolling Valley shopping center...which unfortunately is in Springfield VA...but if you are ever around there, stop for lunch/dinner and shop to your heart's content!

          1. Two good Howard County Mediterranean markets where I have seen both are:

            Sizar’s Supermarket
            6955 Oakland Mills Rd Ste A
            Columbia, MD 21045

            Caspian Supermarket
            9191-B Baltimore National Pike
            Ellicott City, MD 21042

            Caspian Market is a little hard to find – it is behind the Burger King in the same strip as the golf store and Flags Etc.

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              Do Sizar's and Caspian's carry pre-made tatziki sauce? Do they have a pre-made foods section?

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                I'm not sure on the Tzatziki - I have always made mine fresh. Caspian has several coolers in the back with yogurt drinks and other dairy products, so its worth a shot. The owners of Caspian have been trying to add pre-made foods but have too small a clientele at this point to make it worth their while on any large scale. The store is bright, orderly and clean. Give them a call - they are extremely nice and helpful. Sizar's is darker and more jumbled. I don't go there as much since I can find most of the stuff I need at Caspian right here in town.

            2. I've seen rose water at Whole Foods in the spice aisle, but not orange flower water.

              1. all these suggestions are fantastic, but I think I'll check out treetop tom's suggestions. I wanted to go to wegman's but dammit its way too far away. I'll just have to wait till they build their location in Columbia.

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                  last sunday we went to Wegmans to get lamb shanks and they didn't have any. I was totally shocked, I mean they have quail and pheasant for crying out loud but no lamb shanks. Only time they've ever failed me, but it happens...

                2. also....how about peychaud's bitters? anyone seen those anywhere?

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                    I bought a bottle of peychaud's a couple of years ago (still using it) but I cannot remember whether it was from Chevy Chase Wines or Calvert Woodley, both in upper NW DC. Here are the phone #s in case you want to call them. Chevy Chase Wines: (202) 363-4000; Calvert Woodley: (202) 966-4400.

                    I obtained bottles of orange flower water and rose water from Couscous Cafe in DC at 20th Street NW between L & M, but that is probably too far into the city.

                    I would be very interested in the cocktail recipe(s) if you have a chance to post them.

                  2. Anywhere in Baltimore City?