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Mar 11, 2008 02:35 PM

ISO orange flower water & rose water

I'm looking for both ingredients for cocktails in the columbia/baltimore area. I guess I could find them in a middle eastern store, but I have no clue where those are either. Thanks so much (:

I actually live in anywhere near here would be better, but of course I'm willing to drive anywhere close by

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  1. I'd imagine that they would have them at Whole Foods. You might try David's Natural Market as well.

    1. They have it at Yekta, a Middle Eastern store on Rockville Pike in Rockville if you are headed that way for some other reason. We bought the orange water last weekend..

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        I will be twds rockville this weekend so that sounds like a great suggestion. maybe I can pick up some middle eastern they prepare anything delicious over there by any chance?

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          yes, they also have a cafe adjacent to the store. It is located on the east side of the Pike around the corner from the frontage road in a strip that also includes Joe's Noodle House. It is slightly north of Congressional Plaza and sort of opposite from Staples and Petco.

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            Wegmans had both the last I went to the store, which was last Thursday. You'll find them in the sugar/flour/spice aisle.

        1. i just saw both of those at a little eat in/carry out place i love called Cedars Cafe in the Rolling Valley shopping center...which unfortunately is in Springfield VA...but if you are ever around there, stop for lunch/dinner and shop to your heart's content!

          1. Two good Howard County Mediterranean markets where I have seen both are:

            Sizar’s Supermarket
            6955 Oakland Mills Rd Ste A
            Columbia, MD 21045

            Caspian Supermarket
            9191-B Baltimore National Pike
            Ellicott City, MD 21042

            Caspian Market is a little hard to find – it is behind the Burger King in the same strip as the golf store and Flags Etc.

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              Do Sizar's and Caspian's carry pre-made tatziki sauce? Do they have a pre-made foods section?

              1. re: lrebetsky0423

                I'm not sure on the Tzatziki - I have always made mine fresh. Caspian has several coolers in the back with yogurt drinks and other dairy products, so its worth a shot. The owners of Caspian have been trying to add pre-made foods but have too small a clientele at this point to make it worth their while on any large scale. The store is bright, orderly and clean. Give them a call - they are extremely nice and helpful. Sizar's is darker and more jumbled. I don't go there as much since I can find most of the stuff I need at Caspian right here in town.