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Mar 11, 2008 02:33 PM

Has Orlando's Bravissimo closed?

Does anyone have news? They haven't been answering the phone.

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  1. They just answered the phone, they are open for normal hours. Plenty of normal "restaurant" background noise, open til 10 PM, it's 9:20 as I write this.

    337 N Shine Ave
    Orlando, FL 32803
    (407) 898-7333

    1. Oh how I love Bravissimo. My wife and I used to live in Lake Eola Heights. Nothing like walking to a quaint, good Italian restaurant in the middle of a residential neighborhood.

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      1. re: herbage

        I agree, a hidden gem. Used to be my favorite Italian before I discoved Stephano's and Babbo's. Is it still good? I've heard mixed reviews and I haven't been in a year or so.

      2. 407 834-3222
        They moved, but still as good if not better ;-)

        1. they are now known as bravissimo chophouse 512 EAST ALTAMONTE DRIVE