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Mar 11, 2008 01:59 PM

Gotta add my 2 cents worth on Bibas in Sacramento


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  1. Oops! This sent before I had a chance to type it. I was just reading a post about places to eat in Sacramento and one person mentioned Bibas. Quite a few people then told of their experiences that were less than stellar. We've been to Bibas 4 times because we just keep wondering what the hype is all about. We have yet to have a meal that we've even considered "good", much less excellent. Our service has been both horrible and average on different occasions. I don't mind paying for a truly special experience, but we've yet to experience one at this restaurant. I'm glad to see that we're not the only ones that feel this way.

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      Sad, but true. Biba's has fallen a bit, since Biba's bout with cancer, recovery and time away from the restaurant. Still, no excuse, even without her day to day appearance there. I'm surprised, when I was last there, albeit four years ago (have since relocated to the Bay area) the staff was well managed and we were essentially doted on.

      1. re: runsfast

        Biba has slipped, but I think people still remember it in its heyday. Waterboy is now the top pick, although The Kitchen may be picking up steam. I have not made it over to The Kitchen yet, but it has been earning praise. Hawks in Granite Bay may also be making a run for #1.

        1. re: Sacto_Damkier

          Hawks is great, and the food is stunning and the decor is comfortable, but it is so far away from Sacramento! I prefer to have a relatively straight line when I drive home. Give me downtown / midtown any day.

          Biba's pasta hasn't slipped, in my opinion. Sit at the bar and just get lasagna, and come back to the chowhound board and say the food isn't good. Service, maybe. Food, still the same.

          My go-to straight line home stops are Biba (pasta), Waterboy (sweetbreads and steak tartare), 55 Degrees (mussels), Tapa The World (pimientos de padron and wine), Ginger Elizabeth (chocolate), and Sellands (pizza margherita).

          1. re: Mr Conlin

            there is nothing better than biba lasagne! we had our office april 15th party there one year and my office still swears that i and one other gal who had it were actually moaning about how good it was! we didn't talk nor offer anyone a bite!! wish they had it every day