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Mar 11, 2008 01:58 PM

Salem, MA for lunch on Saturday

I am heading to The Peabody Essex Museum with an out of town friend who is visiting and we like to treat ourselves to a nice lunch on occasion (not sandwiches, should have decent wines). I was hoping to find a nice spot in the area on Saturday. Doesn't have to be in Salem, surrounding area is fine. I found a great post about Salem restaurants here but upon calling a few, found most only serve dinner. On the water is a BIG plus! Thanks!

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  1. You could go right across the street to Asahi for Japenese food & sushi.Not sure about the wine list (i'm a non-drinker). Finz & Victoria Station are directly on the water at Pickering Wharf. I believe that they are both open for lunch. You could always skip down to Swampscott & dine at the Red Rock Bistro which is also on the water with a view of Boston.

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      I had a very nice (albeit a bit expensive) lunch at Finz a few months ago. We each had a nicely dressed salad and IIRC, I had the the scallops appetizer and my friend, the fried clams appetizer, and two glasses of wine each. Excellent service from the bartendress (Colleen, I believe her name was) and an enjoyable chat with fellow bar sitters.

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        I have been wanting to go to Red Rock, that is a great idea. I am going to check out the website now.

      2. I would second Finz. It's on the water and the views are beautiful. The space itself is very comfortable and the staff is efficient. I most always go for the oysters, and the baked stuffed lobster. They also do a nice lobster mac & cheese. One of their specilities is the buffalo calamari, and while I was hesitant at first, I found this dish to be addictive.

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          I was thinking of Finz, we have been there before and a Raw Bar is always a plus in my mind.

        2. The former chef of Tommasso is/has opend on the Wharf in Salem. Can't help with the name but he is good. I had a wonderful weekend lunch at the grapevine, but that was some years ago and I'm not sure if they serve lunch.

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            Grapevine is fantastic but I am also unsure of they serve lunch.

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              It is called Sixty2 on Wharf but I don't think they do lunch.