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Mar 11, 2008 01:43 PM

Sesame Paste in New Orleans

Does anyone know of a place I can't definitely obtain this, preferably without going to the West Bank?

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  1. if you're talking about tahini, you can get it at whole foods. they have a section of various nut butters. i noticed it yesterday as i was picking up a jar of almond butter.

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    1. re: Shiloh

      I think you can get tahini pretty much anywhere these days. They definitely have it at Rouses.

    2. If it IS tahini you are looking for, the small grocery at Mona's on Banks St. carries a few brands of Tahini, a far cry cheaper than at Whole Foods, and I'ld be willing to bet the beat Rouse's prices too. (They are great for fresh pita too, if you happen to be making hummous)

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      1. re: swampsue

        The Marigny location of Mona's also carries a small selection of middle eastern grocery items, too. Other places to find tahini include International Market off of Cleary in Metairie and Asian Gourmet Market in Kenner on Williams.

      2. You can also get tahini at a World Market store. I'm always surprised by the selection of international foods they carry.

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