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Wedding aniversary looking for best dinner

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I'm planning my second wedding anniversary and I looking for a romantic,and best place to have a dinner with my husband .We are from Los Angeles and we are planning to stay in San Francisco for one day.Please help me !!

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  1. Price range? Type of food? Type of atmosphere?

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      International food,price range doesn't matter and very romantic and uforgatable atmosphere. Thank's

    2. http://www.chow.com/search?search%5Bq...

      1. Ame. Just curious, what restaurant in L.A. do you think has an "unforgettable atmosphere"?


        Passed by Frascati on the cable car ride. Haven't been there but I think the location may be considered romantic as in "very San Francisco". I can just picture this locale on the big screen:-) What do others think?

        1. Thank you all of you !! I got a very good ideas.. I will let you know wich one I choosed.