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Mar 11, 2008 01:23 PM

Group Bday Dinner and Drinks on Westside

I'm looking for a fun place to go with a group of 10-12 for my 26th bday dinner on Saturday night that has great food (favs are fusion, italian, thai, spanish, tapas style is fun, need veggie options) and serves drinks and is open late....or I'm looking for a great dinner place near a cool wine bar (with other options, such as beer)....any suggestions? (last year went to Bodega Bar in SM after dinner; I want a similar place that is not too loud, and not too pretentious)...

I live in West LA, so prefer something in Santa Monica, West LA, Culver City, maybe hollywood, or bev hills.

Thanks in advance!

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    1. re: Servorg

      I was thinking about primitivo, but the last time I went, the food was not great, but it was good; though it did have the tapas style menu...axe sounds cool...thanks!

      I was also thinking of Cobras and Matadors, but haven't been, and heard that it gets crowded on the weekends...

      1. re: anothernewbie

        Tasca is fantastic. Low key with great food, good wine list and excellent service.

        Bar Hayama is also fun and unpretentious with very good fusion dishes.

        Celadon is gorgeous and can accomodate large groups easily. Beautifully prepared food too.

        Culver City has plenty of great restaurants with close proximity to wine bars but it may be difficult to get a reservation for a large party on such short notice.

        1. re: hrhboo

          Musha might be good if you can get the back room. Then head over to Renee's for drinks and live music!

          Tasca is great.

          Upstairs2 has small plates.

          Zu Robata is a bit more lively.

          The Courtyard is more casual too.

          World Cafe on Main gives you proximity to the Main Street night scene too.

    2. The new Buddha's Belly in Santa Monica and then you can wander to any of the nearby bars or wine bars.

      Tengu is another idea. Or MaKai.

      I'd say give Primitivo another try and then walk to Otheroom afterward.

      1. La Serenata on Pico, just west of Westside Pavillion? If they run out of drinks, Bourbon St. Shrimp is next door!

        1. Nook sounds perfect for this. I also second recommendations for Axe and Tasca. I enjoyed Celadon recently and think it's great for groups, but the food is not quite as good (although the drinks and service are fantastic.)

          Or, Fritto Misto - with a walk or cab to Bodega?

          1. I would go to Ugo Cafe in Culver City, it's Italian fare and right next door you have their wine cafe where all your guests can arrive and taste all the different wines of the world at Vinum Populi. However, if it were my b-day, I would probably have everyone meet at Vinum, drink/taste many selections of wine and have a late dinner at Ugo.

            As hrhboo stated, Tasca is awesome as well.

            Have a blast :)