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Mar 11, 2008 01:12 PM

Recommendations for Chinese?

My husband and I are visiting DC for the weekend, and we always go for Chinese when we travel. Chinese food in Barbados was truly terrible, but our meals in Philly and the Italian Alps were great!

We’re staying in the Georgetown area… any suggestions for Chinese food for dinner?

It can be fancy or a true dive… as long as it’s delicious!

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  1. You might try Marks Duck House out in Arlington/Falls Church. They have my favorite peking duck in NoVa. It's right on Route 50 at 7 Corners, so maybe 15 minutes from G'town.

    1. On the other side of the street from Mark's Duck House is another strip mall, which houses a Home Depot and a Barnes & Noble. On the back side of that (Route 7 side), there is Hong Kong Palace, which (in spite of the name) has some of the better and more authentic Sichuan/Chengdu style food to be found in NoVa.

      I do suggest doing a search on this board for "authentic Chinese restaurants". It's a much-discussed topic here.


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        NYC sets a high bar for Chinese food. You eat Chinese in DC out of convenience, and you travel to the burbs for the decent Chinese. You can walk to Rosslyn, over the bridge from Georgetown, for dim sum (or regular meals??) at the China Garden. If you have access to a car, traffic willing, you can shoot West on Rt 66 for a number of choices.

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          "On the other side of the street from Mark's Duck House..." isn't particularly helpful for out of towners. Mark's Duck is on Patrick Henry Drive in the Willston Shopping Center, within sight of Rte 50. Hong Kong Palace is in the shopping center across Rte 50 but it isn't visible from Rte 50.You'll find that restaurant on the upper level of the shopping center fronting Rte 7. It's in a short strip mall detached from the main strip of stores.

          In spite of the name, don't go to Mark's Duck for Peking Duck. The restaurant slices the meat in the kitchen and the slices arrive stone cold by the time they're brought to the table. (Peking Gourmet Inn slices tableside and the taste improves considerably because the meat is, at least, warm.)

          You'll do best with seafood choices. I love Mark Duck's Causeway Bay-style preparation. We usually get shrimp as the protein, but it can be made with lobster. Their shrimp shu mai are also delicious. The oysters with soy and scallions is also a great choice. Strangely huge oysters -- haven't got a clue as to type. Hot and sour soup isn't anything special. I'm drawing a blank about other dishes my husband and I have enjoyed there.

          The special dishes at Hong Kong Palace have been well documented in many threads.

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            how i describe location of hong kong palace to people: behind the home depot/shoppers food warehouse at 7 corners, in the small strip mall perpendicular to the shoppers store.

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              thanks rcheng! want to try lucky 3 soon. is buffet lunch only?

              1. re: alkapal

                Buffet is at all times now. I'm not even sure there is a menu you can order off of.

              2. re: Indy 67

                Well, I thought I was clear in my description. But, thanks for the clarification.

            2. Your best bet in DC is Full Kee. Cantonese. Duck stuffed with shrimp paste, oyster and ginger caserole, pan freid dumplings, chive flowers or snow pea leaves.

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                and their double trayf soup (shrimp and pork) - addictive.

                1. re: hill food

                  I used to love that soup, but the last time we ordered it, it was horrible! It tasted like week old fish. Both of us actually lost our appetites and just didn't eat dinner that night because the smell/flavor was so bad. I was very sad, but I don't think I could ever bring myself to order it again.

              2. As suggested by others, you won't find any great, or even good, Chinese in the Georgetown area. Chinese and other "ethnic" dining in the DC area is a suburban thing, due primarily to the relative store rents. If you will have wheels, that's another thing. Full Kee is the main option in DC proper, but its Cantonese style food pales by comparison with what you can get in NYC.

                If you don't have wheels, but are truly willing to undertake a journey to get some of the DC area's best Chinese, then you can get pretty close to Joe's Noodle House, in Rockville, on the Metro. Search JNH on this board to find a great number of comments about the place.

                This is OT for the DC board, but you mentioned great Chinese in the Italian Alps! May I ask where exactly?

                1. Near Georgetown, I would go to Meiwah at 1200 New Hampshire NW. If you are willing to go to the MD Suburbs... I would try Joe's Noodle House 1488-C Rockville Pike. Don't let the strip mall location fool you, it is known a one of the top szechuan places in the US.