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Mar 11, 2008 01:03 PM

Masa for RW - anyone been?

So I'm going to Masa for RW on Thursday evening and I've never been there. Usually for RW I have a sense of what a place does well so I can make my decision with some knowledge, but this time that's not the case. My tendency is to always go with Ahi tuna when I see it on a menu, but I've gotten burned by that decision more than once! Does anyone have any recommendations on what they do/don't do well? Extra points for specific knowledge of the RW menu...

First Course:
-Smoked Poblano and Buttery Yukon Gold Potato Chowder with charred corn salad
-Tender Romaine Salad & Crispy Blue Corn Tortillas with roasted green chile caesar dressing and cotija cheese
-Spicy Ahi Tuna "Cabo Rolls" wtih Wasabi guacamole

-Crispy Agavero Chicken Breast, Chile Pasilla Banana Mole with sweet citrus banana salsa, Mexican oregano black bean sopes
-Southwestern Style Steak Frites with Chile Dusted Frites and chile lime arugula salad and Guajillo burbon sauce
-Blackened Rare Ahi Tuna Steak with Yellow Mole with Yukon Gold potatoes and wild mushrooms

-Key Lime Pie
-Chocolate Truffle Tamale
-Selection of Ice Cream or Sorbet

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  1. Haven't been yet, but I'm also going for RW on Sunday. Let us know what you think on Thursday. I thought this menu looked fantastic so I decided to try Masa over the RW's...eventhough we did go to Oishii Boston last minute this past Sunday and choose from their RW menu...which was as good as expected. So much of this menu looks fantastic that I'm sure we'll end up getting seperate things under each course and sharing...hoping it lives up to my expectations. Sounds like other Chows have had good things to say under the new chef so that's promising.

    1. I went to Masa on Sunday for lunch and was disappointed to find a different (and abbreviated) RW lunch menu than the one advertised on the website. The lunch menu had the corn soup and romaine salad for appetizers, and the chicken and mahi mahi in a curry sauce as entrees. For dessert the choices were flan or sorbet. As result, only one person in our party went for the RW menu (salad, mahi mahi and flan) and the rest of us had brunch. I will say that the one who went for the prix fixe enjoyed her meal.

      The brunch menu looks tastey, but is heavy on the egg dishes, and we had a person in our party who doesn't like eggs. She was informed the kitchen was out of the smoked gouda mac and cheese she planned to order, and the only other savory, non-egg offering was a burger (which came topped with a fried egg, which she requested be omitted) which ended up being disappointing. Both burgers ordered at our table were ordered medium, both came out well done.

      On the other hand, smoked mahi mahi and shrimp cerviche tasted fresh and clean with a bit of heat, and the eggs in my huervos rancheros (and a DCs eggs benedict) were appropriately runny. Bloody Mary's had a good kick to them (for once, I didn't add my own hot sauce) and service was quick, personale and professional.

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      1. re: LeoLioness

        Unfortunately I think some of the RW restaurants have exclusions for Sunday Lunch. At least on the website I was using for reference, Masa was indicated as such, I would have made reservations for the lunch also if it wasn't excluded. However it sounds like they offered you a RW menu just an altered one, or was that prix fixe menu not part of RW?

      2. italyinmind, did you make it to Masa for RW?

        We went yesterday and it ended up being one of the best meals I've had in Boston. To start out with I ordered an Mojito, I haven't had many to compare it to but this was an exceptional drink regardless. We were then served some very nice warm cornbread/white bread with 3 spreads, a chipolte, red bell pepper cream cheese, and a honey butter...all were great. For the first course we selected the Smoked Pablano and Butter Yukon Potato chowder. Eventhough the menu didn't note it the chowder did have some bacon in it, my friend who doesn't eat pork ate around it but still didn't want to swap appetizers after finishing her half of the soup. I soon found out why, simply one of the most flavorful chowders I've ever had. The other appetizer, the Spicy Ahi Tuna rolls were also excellent, eventhough there was really only one roll but filled with a good amount of tuna. The wasabi guacamole sauce had a nice kick to it. For the main course we ordered the Agavero Chicken and Pan Seared Mahi Mahi(menu change I guess). I could tell even before taking a bit of my chicken that it was going to be good, a perfectly crisped, breaded and fried outter layer gave way to a moist piece of chicken inside. The chile mole sauce had some kick to it, paired with the banana salsa and black bean sopes it was an excellent dish. The Mahi Mahi was also very good, my friend said she prefered that but having it second I didn't think it quite stood up to the intense flavors in the Chicken dish. The Mahi Mahi came with some sort of tomato coconut sauce and a fried corn sopes(?), excellent stuff just mild compared to the spicy chicken dish. On to dessert we ordered the Chocolate Truffle Tamale with Raspberry sauce and the Mexican Flan(another switch). I started with the Chocolate Truffle but didn't see how it was a tamale. Regardless it was excellent and came with a dollop of almond(?) ice cream on top of a savory piece of chocolate truffle, the raspberry sauce adding excellent contrast. The Mexican Flan was even better with a perfect consistency and so much flavor in the sauce surrounding it. All told the bill came close to $100 with tip but we arrived hungry, left full(in good part because of the bread, the plates were smallish) and felt we'd just eaten a perfect meal. The service and ambience were also great.

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          Thanks for the reminder, Aphex. I did make it to Masa, but have just been delinquent with my posting! Overall it was a good meal, though nothing over the top. Admitedly, though, it has been a couple of weeks now, so my recollection of the specifics is sparse. To start we were given a bread basket accompanied by three spreads, as Aphex mentioned above. All were good, and it was nice to have something with some substance to start since we both arrived starving from work. I started with the Spicy Ahi Tha rolls, and was happy with them. I was initially planning to try to stick with the "healthy" option and get the romaine salad, but was disappointed to see that the tuna entree was no longer on the menu, so I decided to get my fix with the app. It was a nice quantity of tuna and I enjoyed the accompanying wasabi guacamole. My friend had the chowder and enjoyed it. although I didn't have a chance to taste it. For entrees we split the Mahi Mahi and Steak Frites. Both were tasty (sorry for the lack of details). For dessert we both had the sorbet trio since the key lime pie was removed from the menu (boo). It was what you would expect from sorbet (lemon, raspberry, and pineapplie, I think). Overall it was a good meal, but I was disappointed by the menu switches. When I asked the waitress she said they have to submit the menu so far in advance so they couldn't commit to it, which I understand, but I still contend they could at least update it on their own site. Oh well. At the end of the day, it was a good evening, and I'll return in the future.