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Mar 11, 2008 12:30 PM

Saturday Birthday Brunch - Downtown

I am planning a birthday brunch for approximately 18 people. It needs to be on a Saturday in June. I would like it to be downtown, either in the Village or Soho (I love the LES but I think grandparents, etc. will appreciate the Village/Soho more). I am having difficulties finding a place that will accomodate a large group - my ideals would be August or Blue Ribbon Bakery, but neither will accept parties of 18. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks very much.

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    1. We went to "The Park" in Chelsea last year with about 20 or so people (grandparents included) the brunch was excellent and they can definately accomodate large groups. It is also a cool bar- but I would definately go back for a family brunch!

      1. I agree. Jane, food's good, reasonably priced, welcoming contemporary ambiance. check out their room downstairs, it would be perfect for your group of 18. however, i must tell you, the brunches at jane are better on sunday. their saturday menu is a bit more limited, and i dont think it includes a drink.

        did you call bubbys in tribeca? really great country home cooking. amazing pies. (the grandparents would appreciate it)

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            Unfortunately Five Points and Cookshop do not accomodate such a large group (I had already tried them) -- they would otherwise have been perfect. Thanks very much for everyone's suggestions.