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Mar 30, 2002 07:22 AM

HELP - Good Half-pickles in Los Angeles?????

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Do any chowhounds know a place in LA with supremely delicious half-pickles? Other than Jerry's 'Deli Wasteland' Restaurant, I have either gotten shrugs, pickles cut in half, or soggy, cucumbersome attempts at half-pickle perfection. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. f

    I am all about the half-pickle, can't stand the khaki-colored ones. Give me green anytime.

    Try Nate 'N Al's in BH, everything there is divine and the waitresses are of the classic variety.

    Nate 'n Al's Delicatessen
    414 N. Beverly Drive, Beverly Hills

    1. What is a half pickle, other than one cut in half? Do you mean a Half Sour Pickle? If so then no wonder no one knows whatcha talkin' 'bout.

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      1. re: Yawn

        you say half-sour, i say half-pickle,
        you say half hour, i say don rickles,
        half-sour, half-pickle,
        half hour, don rickles,
        let's call the whole thing half.

        1. re: Yawn

          I think everyone who responded figured out what he was asking for.

        2. I'm not sure what a half pickle is, but Weiler's Deli in Woodland Hills serves pickles that are remarkably green & crisp--more toward the cucumbery end of the spectrum for texture & color and the flavor is lighter than most pickles I've had.

          1. I am not a fan of half-sours (if I want to eat a cucumber, I can get one at Ralph's) - much prefer full sours; but I had lunch at Factor's Deli (Pico just west of Beverly Drive) the other day and asked for some pickles, and they brought a platter of the type that you are looking for.

            1. Last night I was in the Ralph's on La Brea near the Trader Joe's, and the person in front of my had a jar of pickles--Kosher with a red label, and it was marked "Half-Pickles"...tried to remember the brand, but I forgot, sorry...

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              1. re: KeikoG

                The red label jar you saw was likely from Trader Joes. I believe it is their own brand. My wife really likes them so I have bought them many times from TJs. Note: for the last month or so they have seemed to be very low in their stock. Good Luck

                1. re: Ray

                  it wasn't Trader Joe's...I was in line behind someone at Ralph's when I saw it in their hand--I don't think the Trader Joe's brand is sold outside of their stores, but good to know they have them...Actually, I'm not even sure what a half-pickle is...just coincidence to see the question posted & then later the very same night see a stranger with the mystery I'll have to try 'em! Thanks for the tip.