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Can you eat lobster when you're pregnant?

Of course I'll ask my doctor this too, but DH and I are going to Maine in my third month, and I'm wondering if lobster is too high in mercury to eat during pregnancy. Do New England women eat lobster when they're pregnant?

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  1. Your question is the first time I've heard this concern. I'm not sure that lobster is affected. My DIL has been pregnant within the past two years and she never mentioned being restricted. Maybe because we don't eat a lot of lobster rolls during the summer here in NH. We've got some good places but are more apt to do daily splurges while vacationing.

    Vacation in Maine and not eat lobster rolls??? Perish the thought! You might have to go easy on the onion rings though because of the grease.

    1. I can't recall ever seeing lobster on the "no eats" list of even the most conservative of doctors.

      I say eat and enjoy!

      1. You might want to forgo the tamale (green stuff in the body) if you're a fan, is it the liver? You might want to think about where the lobster was caught also, Portland harbor is a surprisingly fertile lobster ground, but although I've never heard of any direct threat regarding lobster caught there, it's bottom mud is poluted with heavy metals and the like.

        1. I remember eating one at a wedding when I was 2 months pregnant. I figured if I couldn't have any champagne, I would enjoy the lobster. My daughter is almost 3 and doing just fine. Enjoy!

          1. Here's the scoop (and, without putting too much weight on it, I work for Maine's Dept of Env. Protection): yes, the suggestion below that you avoid the tomalley is a good one, not so much for mercury as for some other toxins. Mercury is primarily a problem as it accumulates in top predators, like swordfish, and bottom- and filter feeders like lobsters and mussels don't accumulate much of it. So...enjoy Maine's most famous food!

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              Thanks everyone! I'm so excited about our trip to Maine (and the baby, of course!).

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                Here is a good list from the FDA that list mercury levels in seafood. Lobster from N. America had higher levels of mercury than lobster from other areas but still not that high.


                I know we all need to be concerned as mercury can cause health problems and decreased IQ but when my son was going through elementary and middle school ate tuna sandwiches nearly every day as this was one of the few things he would eat for lunch. At the time we were not very aware of the mercury risks. He is on track with a bioengineering degree so who knows how he would have turned out had his brain not been exposed to that much mercury.

              2. I heard that any fish creatures were not good for prego women, but then on Ellen show the other day, Christina Algulara (sp) said she couldnt eat any fish products when she was pg.

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                  Fish are generally a positive thing to eat during pregnancy because many fish contain Omega-3 Fatty Acids which are good for the development of the brain, etc. However, you have to be careful of fish at the top of the food chain because they contain higher levels of mercury (king mackerel, tuna, shark). All other fish can be eaten in moderation - including shellfish, which have the lowest levels of mercury. As a pregnant New Englander, I just enjoyed a lovely Lobster dinner the other night and a lobster roll from the leftovers! Yum! But for seafood, moderation is key!

                2. The big No's in pregnancy - cold cuts, feta cheese from the salad bar, sushi, raw oysters, etc - are due to the risk that you could get food poisoning and hurt the growing baby.

                  Top-line predator fish like Swordfish, Salmon, or Tuna are "limited eating" due to the potential presence of toxins - its not that you can't eat them, its just that you should limit them to 1-2 servings a week.

                  Cooked lobster, shrimp, crabs - have at it ...

                  1. Sure you can....with Doctor's permission ~~ Just don't Smoke while pregnant...Last year a woman down on the Gulf Coast smoked a pack of cigarettes a day during her whole term.....When the baby was born...right down at the bottom of it's spine was a little butt....:)

                    Have Fun & Enjoy!

                    1. I sure could because I'd be the richest man in the world!