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Mar 11, 2008 12:06 PM

Casual dinner on Queen West (w of Bathurst, e of Shaw)

Looking for ideas for a casual dinner located nearby the above captioned location. As much as I love NOCE, that is too serious for this particular Sat. night. There is about 8 people. Thanks.

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  1. Rosebud! Wonderful, upscale comfort food in a cozy, non-pretentious setting. Call for a reservation, though -- it's a small place for 8 people.

    1. Terroni (up stairs) has a big table at the back that is great for a large group of people.

      1. yep, second rosebud. you can also consider swan, czehoski (sp?) and the new indian place near bellwoods (sorry, don't know the name) - indus junction?

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          i don't think swan can easily accomodate 8 people - most of their tables are booths (4 max). there is one bog table at the back but you'd probably need to reserve it. i concur on rosebud and terroni, and would add banu to the mix. i think only rosebud would require a reservation. also, how about caju?

        2. my preferred spot for that area is bar one. dined at rosebud once about a month or so after they opened and the meal was forgettable. Perhaps it was an off night but I haven't returned since.

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            SO and I recently dined at Rosebud for the first time and were totally wowed. The service, food and wine were all tremendous. I highly recommend the gnocchi with tomato and braised short ribs sauce (actually, I highly recommend everything, but that was my favourite).

          2. Noce is excellent. One of the best meals I've had in ages. It's right on the corner of Walnut St. across from the 7-11. Don't be put off by the drab exterior. It's lovely inside. Wonderful food and service.

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              OP said that they know and love Noce, but it wouldn't work.

              Third ( or forth) Rosebud, but Coca might work as well?