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Mar 11, 2008 11:59 AM

The Best of London (a different list)

The Best of London (a different list)

The following is a tentative list of the best of London (compiled through personal research done on the internet). Here are the results. If you live in London, or consider yourself an expert on the city please add, or edit items to the list. It's in desperate need of a local's personal knowledge. Once complete, it should help visitors to London know exactly where to find what they need and want. PLEASE only respond to this thread if you're interested in helping to edit or contribute items to the list. Thank you.

whitechapel area for arab food
tooting for indian food
bricklane currey
free food at Hare Krishna Temple at 10 Soho Street 1230-100 mon-sat
borough market food
cheapest supermarkets: Aldi/Lidl, and Asda/Tesco

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  1. Howdy, sorry to interrupt the chow talk. We don't restrict posts so long as they are on topic for this board. We request that hounds feel free to respond as long as they have something to say about the UK chow.

    We really appreciate the good intentions going into this thread. But at the same time it's also important to reiterate that dining scenes change very rapidly - places go downhill, new places open, old places improve. Any best of list would rapidly go out of date without the constant review of the topic. Instead we encourage visitors to any region to ask questions (that stirs up new discussion) and peruse the board. The whole board, rather than any individual thread, is about the best places to eat.

    1. Saren

      With respect, this post looks very similar to your previous efforts on other boards, e.g.

      Best of Andalucia
      Best of Madrid
      Best Moroccan Food

      As well as your previous thread here which asked which is the cheapest London supermarket.

      Might we ask (as others have elsewhere) why you want the information? Do you live here? Are you planning visit London? Or are you just trying to get free information to write a tourism article or book?

      Apologies for my suspicious nature here - but you do appear to have some sort of track record with this. If, on the other hand, this is a genuine attempt to help people reading the board, I'd suggest that it is an impossible (and probably unhelpful) task.


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        Speaking of trying to help the public, I came across this list of 'where to dine' this morning by a circuitous route while doing my job. It's interesting to read where Conde Nast thinks people should eat.


        1. re: zuriga1

          Fairly predicatable suggestions, there.

          Gives me a bit of an idea, though (see my sat. nav. thread)

          1. re: zuriga1

            Out of date already 'T4" is due to close in a few weeks when terminal 5 opens. Gordon Ramsay will have a restaurant there.

            1. re: Withnail42

              Yes, besides Ramsay, Carluccio is also going to be at T5. I don't believe that Terminal 4 is closing, and if so, it's just temporary. Other airlines are going to be moving to that space, and the terminal will undergo huge renovations.

        2. I've never seen anything that positive come out of Tooting and Sabuj Bangla is the only noteworthy thing on Brick Lane.

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          1. really? in that case, you must have missed chowhound - bricklane curry - whoa.

            1. 3 rules for eating out in London : -

              1) Never eat Indian food on Brick Lane
              2) Never eat Chinese food in Chinatown
              3) Never eat Italian or French food in London unless you are prepared to spend at least £40 a head & preferably at least £50.

              Hardens guide is good - stick to the restaurants with a 1 or 2 rating for food, anything less is generally very poor value for money.

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              1. re: afrocuban

                Some exceptions to the rules:

                Haozhan in Chinatown actually serves good modern Cantonese food backed by serious technique.

                One could spend £20-30 and get a good meal at Caffe Caldesi or Osteria Antica Bologna.