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Mar 11, 2008 11:53 AM

NYC style Deli

I am looking for a good deli around Denton/Lewisville area. Sometimes a girl just needs a good cornbeef on rye.


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  1. Out of luck.....I live in Lewisville...hence the name. Best bet is one of the chains in Lewisville; Jason's Deli, Bronx St., etc etc. I really don't know that many people who have Corned Beef or Pastrami on the menu these days. It has been surpassed by chicken and turkey. Then againt here is always turkey pastrami....yum...j/k. Might try the deli at the Union at UNT. I think they sometimes had a Rueben - I graduated 5 years ago. I believe the Metzlers on Londonderry has a Reuben. Might give them a call before you go 940-591-1652. I do know they are the only sotre locally to cary items from Muenster, TX both Bayer's Kolonialwaren (awesome strudel) and Fischers Meat Market and Grocery (awesome brats). This post might help also. Luniz was looking for a deli in Frisco/Plano area that has the same.

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      I haven't been here, and it's not a deli, but the review claims they make their corned beef in house. I'll probably check it out one Friday in the next couple of weeks. I've decided to start trying all of the places in Old Town.

      Easy Street Family Cafe - 190 W Main St Ste 108