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Mar 11, 2008 11:24 AM

What's your recommendation...

We're going to Italy for 2 weeks in October for our honeymoon. We like to keep busy (but not on a set schedule) and are definitely not a couple that will be found relaxing at the spa all 14 days of our trip (maybe 1 or 2 when we need a break). We are very adventurous, love good food and good wine, locals and extremely interested in "off the beaten path." We speak a bit of Italian and are actually taking more classes to brush up. Here is what we were thinking (all tentative at this point) - if you have any hotel, restaurant, side trip, tour, things we "must do", etc. suggestions - it would be greatly appreciated. Please share your best secrets to Italy with us!

Day 1 - Arrive in Rome by 8:00 am / spend night (hotel/restaurant/bar suggestions?)
Day 2 - Leave Rome in late afternoon via train to Sorrento (anything we should know?)
Day 3 - Day 5 - Stay in Sorrento with day trips to Capri, Pompeii, Positano (hotel/restaurant/bar suggestions? Any day trips we are missing?)
Day 6 - Leave Sorrento in the AM via train headed to Florence (hotel/restaurant/bar suggestions?)
Day 7 - Day 10 Stay in Florence with day trips to Tuscany, Lucca, Siena, Pisa, Cinque Terre (hotel/restaurant/vineyard suggestions?)
Day 11 - Leave for Venice (suggestions...)
Day 12 - Day 14- Stay in Venice / Flight out of Venice early on Day 14.

Thank you!

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  1. I would change the itinerary around so you will not be doing so much back and forth. You could fly into Venice and out of Naples, going from Venice to Florence to Rome to Sorrento. I don't think Cinque Terre is possible as a day trip from Florence, and I would skip Pisa and just head for Lucca. The only things to see in Pisa are the tower and basilica. Otherwise it is an ugly modern city. Not worth the time. Here are some restaurant recommendations in a few of your destinations:

    Lucca - Buca di San Antonio
    Sorrento - Caruso, Antica Trattoria
    Capri - La Capannina
    Venice - Al Covo, Alla Madonna

    Aside from Pompeii, you may want to go to Herculaneum. It is smaller, but the ruins are much more intact.

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