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Sabina's - Melvindale, MI (Detroit)

Yesterday Barkis and I ventured to the blue collar wilds of Melvindale to try out Sabina's Restaurant, on a friend's reccomendation. What with Three Brothers on Warren now closed, it seemed like a good idea. Yes, Sabina's serves Polish food and it's damned good - way better than Three Brothers and better than Jim's Place in east Dearborn.

I had dill pickle soup, and three potato/cheddar and three 'kraut pirohi (pierogi) with onions. Dill pickle soup was as good as Amadeus's in Ann Arbor, which means it's delicious. I don't think that Three Brothers had, or Jim's Place has dill pickle soup. You can get the pirohi boiled or fried. We always re-heat our pirohi at home by frying, so that's how I had mine prepared here, plus served with onions. Pirohi dough was good (my guess is that it was made with sour cream) and fillings were good too. I prefer my 'kraut more spicey (peppery) than what Sabina's serves, but that's neither hear nor there. I liked that I could get sauteed onions with the pirohi, but next time I'll double the order (you have to pay 50 cents extra for the onions - it's worth it).

The place is clean and it's a non-smoking store, which is nice. I tell these restauranteurs who run smoking establishments that if they go to non-smoking, there are three non-smokers ready to replace every smoker they lose.

I'm gettin' hungry.

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  1. Excellent news on the good pickle soup. I've been wanting to find somewhere close to home (other than home :)

    Where is Sabina's?

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      Sabina's is at 3840 Oakwood Blvd in Melvindale, (313) 388-5171
      Hours are 9am to 8pm


      The Free Press also mentioned it recently:

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        Q.T. π, if you find yourself in Ann Arbor, hit Copernicus Grocery on S. Main in the strip south of Madison. Excellent Polish dill pickle soup most days (and my personal fave, beet soup). Although it is a grocery, there's is some seating (they have sandwiches, too).

      2. Can't wait to try it, Summ....I was sad to see Steve's 3 Brother's closed.

        1. We are so glad that she opened up her fabulous little place here in Melvindale. The pork chops are yummy!

          1. I agree Sabina's is good, it's 1 minute away from my house and I'm actually just about to place a take-out order, lol. But yes, 3 brother's had dill pickle soup, that was the first place I ever had it. Brother's cabbage soup was waaaaaay better too, not to mention their soup was significantly cheaper as well. I do like Sabina's pierogies better though, and the golambki at Sabina's tastes very authentic as well. I agree the kraut could be more peppery.

            1. WoW is what I say about Sabina's. The pickle soup and city chicken are the best. A must is to try those most famous Polish type crepes that I call nickis short for nalesnicki. Get them filled with the farmers cheese and topped with fresh strawberries and dusted with powered sugar. You get three large niki's which is plenty to share. All the soups are homemade with a choice of five plus every day. The mushroom and chicken noddle are also favorites of my family. Tell me where in this time can you get a large bowl af homemade soup for $ 1.75, and all meals only run $ 6-$7 each.

              1. This thread has finally helped me clear up some confusion about 3 Brothers.

                I had thought that the location in Plymouth was closed, this being the only one I had been to. (http://travel.yahoo.com/p-travelguide...)

                I never even realized there was one closer to Detroit.

                I called up the Plymouth spot and they told me they never were closed at all!!!

                Anyhow, I am now doubly gratified that I can still go to 3 Brothers in Plymouth and try Sabina's too......

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                  Not open on Mondays, I am disappointed to report! Someday, I will get to try this place!