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Dried/Dehydrated Okra

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does anyone know where I can buy some? An asian market perhaps?

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  1. pardon me, but what is the attraction for dried over fresh or even frozen?

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      I had dehydrated okra as snack food in Japan and LOVED it. This is how I ended up in this blog right now. It is light and crispy and really unique. Nothing like the fresh, frozen, or common cooked okra most of us are used to.

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        ok I'll bite.

        it's a much maligned and neglected vegetable.

      2. I've found dried okra at a store in Annapolis, Maryland. The store is called Fresh Market. They were very good. Even my husband, who doesn't even like vegetables, ate most of them.

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          Sweet, I'm going to be coming through MD this fall! Thanks for the tip!