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Bridal shower food help

We're having a bridal shower for a co-worker, mostly with finger food/appetizer foods. I have been commissioned to make a main-course-like appetizer.

I was thinking of ham and grueyere turnovers, as I have a bunch of puff pastry sheets. Also, for the veg crowd, maybe smoked mozarella and sundried tomato turnovers.

Do these sound appetizing? Anyone have any other great, easy ideas?

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  1. Those do sound appetizing. One suggestion - it may be easier/quicker (if that is a factor for you) - to make a large rectangular tarte (like the Goin ones, or a pissaladiere sp?) and cut it up into slices.

    1. I love the idea of ham and gruyere--sounds great. What about a wild mushroom strudel for the other one, a little lighter than mozzarella and sundried tomatoes. Just sautee scallions, mushrooms, season, add a little cream sherry.

      I like MMRuth's idea on making a big one. You could also roll out the pastry, fill just the center third in a line, cut the outer thirds towards the middle and fold in so it looks braided.

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        The "braided" tart sounds great. I was thinking of a strudel too. I've done that kind of thing with phyllo dough. Were you thinking of making a strudel with the puff pastry? Does that work?

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          Yes, that's what I do. Trader Joes has a great artisan puff pastry dough made w/ only flour, butter, sugar, salt. Just roll thin enough and brush w/ egg before baking--it's really pretty, too. I'll have to give the phyllo dough a try for strudel. I'll bet it makes it nice and flakey. Sounds great.

      2. thanks MMRuth and chowser for the feedback....good suggestions!

        1. Quiche is always nice for a ladies shower. Guess it would depend on the time of day for the shower though

          1. You could spruce up the turnovers by making them a jalousie instead. You just roll two pieces of puff pastry together then cut strips down both sides leaving about a 2-3 inch solid strip down the middle. Heap the filling on the solid strip then weave the pastry over the top by folding strips over the middle from alternating sides, if that makes any sense. Brush with egg white and bake (you could probably find more coherent instructions by googling "jalousie"). Maybe you could do the sun dried tomato and smoked mozz in tartlets by putting squares of puff pastry in muffin tins (so the corners come up over the sides a bit), topping with your filling and baking. It would just give a different look. Both sound yummy no matter how you choose to present them!

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              I've done this before but didn't know what it was called. Good to know! This technique is so simple but looks really complicated and special.

            2. I have a couple of showers that I've done posted on my blog. All of the food looks really nice, but is very easy to do. Some of it all I had to do was put it in the oven and heat it up (Trader Joe's has some great hors d'oeuvres). One of the showers I have the full menu posted, the other is just photos and one recipe, but if you'd like I can break down the menu for the second one. Here's direct links to those posts:
              Shower 1:
              Shower 2: (the post is "Rose Topiaries" but there's photos of the food) http://sarahmasciana.com/2007/09/24/r...
              Recipe for tartlets from shower 2: http://sarahmasciana.com/2007/09/24/r...

              Good luck with your shower!

              1. They sell little individual puff pastry shells that would be perfect for this! They are much easier to deal with than the sheets. My friend made some knock-out caramelized onion, goat cheese and fresh thyme tarts with them.

                1. I posted my sister's favorite appetizer recipe on a different thread, but I'll repost it here since it's very light, very easy, and a big crowd-pleaser:

                  All you have to do is buy some fresh asparagus, and steam it, leaving it a little crunchy. Next, take pieces of deli ham and spread a thin layer of cream cheese on one side. Place a piece of asparagus on the cream-cheese side of the ham and roll it up. She cuts them into 1/2 inch bite-sized pieces, which makes them perfect for sharing.