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Mar 11, 2008 10:40 AM

Whats your favorite place in Manhattan Beach/Redondo Beach/Long Beach

Hey guys and gals i'm looking to have a really fun night out, price isn't an object.

I was thinking it would be fun to go to the penthouse in santa monica, have a few martini's and then dinner at one of the booths. But we decided to meet further south. Romantic would be nice but interesting, great food, and it must have a great view. Nothing stale/old but nothing with clubby either. I'm open to anything this time.

Good drinks are a must but good food is a close second i'm a picky foodie.

We did sushi last time so i'd prefer to not do sushi this time although i'm not completely closed to the idea.

So View/Drinks/Food/on the ocean or a view of the ocean. I'd prefer to stay north of long beach but i'll go that far south if I must.


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  1. I like Kincaids. Food is good, won't blow you away, and there's a great view. Not sure if you 'd consider it stately.

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    1. re: NAspy

      I checked out this place once before, I thought it was a bit stale even with it's large dining room.

    2. Mangiamo's in Manhattan Beach. You can have a coctail at the bar and enjoy the view, then sit down for a more romantic table. It is pretty small, the food is good, and it's fun to cruise around MB after dinner.

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      1. re: Rizza

        I've been to Mangiamo's and only have good things to say about it. Excellent food, nice quaint little bar and great service. But there is no view of the ocean from inside the restaurant or a view at all which is what i'm looking for in this case. But Mangiamo's is Good stuff.


      2. Tantalum

        Tantalum Restaurant
        6272 E Pacific Coast Highway, Long Beach, CA 90803

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        1. re: Oh Robin

          Tantalum looks good for drinks but not for food.........

          1. re: Ben7643

            I've been to Tantalum... the food was surprisingly tasty when I went.

          2. re: Oh Robin

            Perhaps we will go here then go over to 555 east for dinner...... i've been there before it was good. But i wish there was one place I could go to for both.......

            1. re: Ben7643

              I would recommend Tracht's over 555 East. It's known as a chophouse, but the menu is much more. Ironically, the more interesting dishes are NOT the steaks (though those are good too).

              They have a nice wine list, plus some interesting cocktails if you prefer


              1. re: mdlb

                Any one else care to chime in about Trachts, seems the reviews here on chow and elsewhere are scattered???? The drinks and desert I had at 555 the one time I went were both excellent. But hey how can you mess up scotch and a chocolate Souffle?


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