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Mar 11, 2008 10:22 AM

Bobo - Have the service and food improved?

I have a reservation at Bobo in a few weeks and I'm wondering if I should keep it. I have no doubt that the design of the place is great, but how are the service and food? Early reports read that the service was very poor, with the staff being very cold. As for the food, I heard it was very mediocre. But I also recently read that they have replaced the chef.

Good food is most important to me. I can always stop in for a cocktail and check out the design...

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    1. The original comment has been removed
      1. went last night, verdict: bad. started out with a weak and very small cocktail that was completely overpriced. we had to yell at each other because the second floor room was so loud and they kept on turning up the music. seemed like a good place to get drunk with a couple of friends, but definitely not what we were expecting based on their menu and website. service wise, it didn't reflect the menus pricing scheme. it felt almost like a high-end cafeteria trying to churn out as many people as possible. our appetizers were over salted and our mains left us completely unimpressed. to top it off one of the backwaiters tried to take my girlfriends entrée even when she had told him she was still working on it. one of the worst parts is that when we told the waiter that our apps were oversalted he said that it was a common complaint and took them off our check. where is the quality control with those prices? it basically seemed like a place that was trying to be really trendy and appear as if they were trying to serve quality food, but overall completely missed the mark.

        1. The food is better with the new chefs. Its not the most astounding nouveau cuisine but solid versions of whats on the menu, and in portions small enough that you can enjoy three courses. I've never had any issue at all with the service but I've only eaten there in the upstairs dining room. The downstairs is more of a bar and I can see how it would get loud, cramped and a bit crazy.
          I'm actually a bit surprised at the reviews about the service, they can be a bit surly when you walk in but if you are friendly to them they usually warm right up. The waitstaff have always been polite and asked the kitchen about ingredients for food allergies and sent the sommelier to answer more complex wine questions.

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            service for the most part failed us on our trip. they sent out amuses and didn't even say what they were. when ordering a bottle of wine we picked a bottle they were out of, it ran for about $56, and the waiter sold us a bottle for $76 without telling us the price. it wasn't a problem of money but he should of let us know especially since he knew what we were looking for. on top of that we noticed many guy's in suits floating around, managers? with all this staff around we thought maybe service would of been better, however we found ourselves pouring our own wine. we were in the upstairs room and just couldn't get over feeling like the place is a bar first and restaurant second. could just be the night we went, but the table behind us was literally screaming and yelling because they were so wasted.

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