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Mar 11, 2008 10:17 AM

Downtown Lunch Spots

After pondering for 30 minutes where to go to lunch today, I went to Cafe Phillips for a small depressing sandwich and a yearning for a wrap from Balduccis. (Wouldn't it be great to have Balducci's downtown?)

Is there anywhere downtown to get a decent sized good sandwich?

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  1. Yes! I am a big fan of CF Folks -- they have good sandwiches and specials, each day is a different theme but the sandwich selection remains the same.

    I also enjoy sandwiches from Best Sandwich Place -- it's in the same building as the Borders. Cash only though.

    1. So this is so bad for me of all people to forget, but what intersection do you work at again, I know you are close to my office.

      Have you been to Breadline? Heidi's on 17th and H has good huge sandwiches of all sorts of type hot and cold and they make fresh baked bread each morning for more variety. I will try to think of more... There is that On the Fly that I haven't tried yet, but it has some healthy options too. The Cosi on 17th and Penn is abysmal. There is an au bon pain though. Still I like Heidi's and Breadline, best for sandwiches.

      Oh! And if you like Panini's Dicky's Custard at 17th and I has good ones, especially their cuban.

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        I am on the other side of the White House by 15th street. There are all the chains--Au Bon Pain, Cosi, High Noon, etc. And the local places like Cafe Mozart and Salad to Grill.

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          it's a quick walk to breadline. I've done it from 12th St. Not bad at all.

          Additionally, what about delivery? Thai? Chinese?