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Mar 11, 2008 10:14 AM

El Pilon in Springfield or Mi Tierra in Hadley??

Need some opinions on which of these is better. Coming in Friday with a friend from Oaxaca, so I'm looking for the best meal and the best food.
Thanks in advance!
(someone mentioned Border's Grill in Springfield as very good also so I'd appreciate any feedback there too.)

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  1. Or you could try Serapes in Enfield (see thread below). Very good, and just down the road from Springfield.

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    1. re: hollerhither

      I've been wanting to try Serape since I saw it mentioned months ago here, but I thought it might be too far from our swing from Leverett to Chicopee. But maybe not. Thanks!

    2. I'm curious as to why you need to take someone, who lives in Mexico, to a Mexican restaurant here. I would rather they cooked for me or I take them to a favorite place that serves food they don't get a good selection of in Mexico.

      Don't get me wrong, I love Mi Tierra, but there are only a few items on the menu I order and I certainly wouldn't take someone from Mexico there when there are so many other ethnic food options that they might want to indulge in while they're here.

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      1. re: Bri

        lol, I just saw this post - sorry for the delayed response.
        My friend isn't just vacationing here - and when he doesn't cook at home (which is daily) we either go for Chinese or great Mexican since he gets homesick for his own food.
        We do love Sarapes, he also enjoyed the carne con nopales and homemade tortillas at Mi Tierra.
        He didn't like Bros tacos at all - we usually get to Poughkeepsie or NYC if we can get away.
        I am definitely spoiled for all time for Mexican food :)