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Mar 11, 2008 10:12 AM

Meatless (Fish Okay) Ideas for St. Patrick's Day?

My parents are coming to town for the weekend and have announced that they are bringing a corned beef with them, which they expect to make at my apartment (along with potatoes and cabbage, of course) in celebration of St. Patrick's Day. The trouble is, a couple members of our household don't eat meat.

I'd like everyone to be able to participate in the dinner together, so I've volunteered to contribute some dishes that fit the holiday but doesn't include meat. Any ideas? I think I'll make a colcannon, but it would be nice if I could think of some options other than cabbage/potatoes/carrots. Do you know of any? Does anyone have a good recipe for a fish-based Irish dish? Maybe Irish fish pies -- has anyone made them before?

Help! And thanks!

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  1. You could maybe try salmon or cod.
    Here a link with some Irish recipes:

    1. Given that St. Patrick's Day is being observed Friday the 14th due to conflicting with Holy Week, meat is not "kosher" for the celebration anyway!

      Boxties might be a filling alternative to meat as would cauliflower cheese or rutabaga gratin.

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        Good point!

        Ah, I've bean meaning to make cauliflower cheese -- good idea re: making it for St. Pat's! And mmm, rutabaga gratin. Do you have a recipe for that?


      2. Salmon with a creamy dill sauce- I like a recipe, Chardonnay Poached Salmon on by Steve Smith and Dan McDonagh (sp?) It can be served warm, room temp, or chilled, which makes it excellent for parties.

        A nice fish like halibut w/ a chimichurri sauce (green sauce is your green for St. Patrick's Day:)) would be tasty as well.