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Mar 11, 2008 10:12 AM

Irish Pub with Music (not Matt Murphy's) for in-laws?

My in-laws want to go to an Irish pub with "real live Irish music" on Friday night to celebrate St. Patrick's Day and, I don't know, Irish-ness. I love Matt Murphy's, but I've already taken them there twice and they want something new. I've been trying to sell them on going to the Publick House instead, but they're really fixated on this Irish thing.

My impish impulse is to take them to a dive bar in Southie and let them see a real Irish bar, yet I realize they would not find this entertaining. Any help?

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  1. The Druid in Inman has live music on weekends. Great food, nice selection of beers on tap, cozy (really cozy) atmosphere. It fills up quick!

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      How did I forget about the Druid? I used to live right down the block and go there all the time. Great suggestion.

    2. The Burren in Davis Square has a traditional Irish "session" in the front room every Friday (actually every night of the week).

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        I like this place. Earlier in the evening, I can bring my son (an aspiring fiddler) and it's all good. We usually leave by 7 as things can get a little spicier as the evening wears on.

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          Also on Sunday afternoons if I remember correctly, a real family event.

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            The Burren was my first thought too, they have informal Irish music in the front, just like you'd picture it in the Old Country (just a bunch of people, sitting around a table, playing Irish instruments) Rarely is there singing though.

            But be warned, a college crowd dominates as the night wears on...

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              Many bars do the traditional Irish sessiun along with some American music. You can get the full Irish breakfast all day in some places.

          2. What about The Skellig on Moody St? They have live Irish music every night, and good, if not memorable, food.


            Skellig Irish Music Pub
            240 Moody St, Waltham, MA 02453

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              The Skellig is owned by the same group as the Burren so sililar food, music, decor, etc.

            2. Though it's more like "real live Irish-American music" I do think Mr Dooleys in Broad Street is fun and age-appropriate.

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              1. re: LeoLioness

                Mr. Dooley's plays Irish sessiun music on Wednesday and Sunday evenings (as well as during Sunday brunch) and is as authentic an Irish pub as I have been to outside of Ireland. My favorite in Boston - though I would call to see what is scheduled for entertainment for Friday night.


              2. Paddy Barry's in Quincy.
                The Banshee in Dorchester.