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Mar 11, 2008 10:07 AM

Best Tasting Photo Cake in San Diego

Looking for a bakery (preferably in central San Diego) that decorates cakes with real photos made from frosting. I know there's probably not a lot of options but hoping that maybe someone has stepped it up a notch. I'm attaching a photo if you're unsure what I'm referring to.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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  1. For my baby shower my sister in law got a cake from Baskin was a copy of the shower invitation and it looked soo cute and the cake was delicious.

    1. We've gotten a photo cake from Costco before. I actually like their sheet cakes - nothing fancy, but it's a nice, dense cake layer. It's certainly going to be one of your cheapest options. I'd be interested to know what "nicer" bakeries also do photo cakes.

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        Which Costco did you go to? I was at Mission Valley last night and couldn't find any info about photo cakes -- the bakery area didn't seem to have many workers around to ask.

        1. re: Paladar

          There should be a small kiosk right by one of the doors... it's usually next to the cake case. A catalog is attached to the kiosk along with forms for special orders. As for finding someone to speak with, I've knocked on the bakery double doors before and no one had a problem with that.

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            I usually go to the one in Poway. There is a kiosk next to the refrigerated cakes with order forms and a catalog of pictures.

            1. re: Paladar

              This is not true and don't believe it ever was an option. I just called Costco and they do NOT do photo cakes.

              1. re: RoxxySD

                So you are busting on somebody for a 3-year old post? :)

          2. Try the Grove Bakery in Lemon Grove. They are great!!!.

            They also have a great tres leches cake and a whip cream and strawberry cake too.

            Lemon Grove Bakery
            3308 Main St, Lemon Grove, CA

            1. I believe the only option out there for photo cakes is select Baskin Robbins locations or Albertson's. The Albertson's in Clairemont does them for sure.

              1. Just in case anybody does a recent search, I just ordered a half sheet cake with a picture image for for my childs first birthday for only 39.99 from the Albertsons in University Heights.