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Mar 11, 2008 10:05 AM

Inn of the 7th Ray: Food okay, service lousy

We had a family dinner at the Inn of the 7th Ray last Saturday night. It is a beautiful restaurant, but the first sign of problems was the space heaters were not all working. We ordered wine, and it was quite some time later that we got the wine and some very tasty bread. Because of the evening chill, a couple of our table guests were not comfortable, and could not enjoy the meal.

Service was borderline terrible. Only about half of the tables had diners.

While the food was okay, it was still nothing exceptional.

The final insult: you have to pay for valet parking. When we got to the parking lot, the valet handed us our keys, we paid for the parking ($4.00), and opened the car doors for our party, ourselves.

Our bill for 7 people, three bottles of wine, and desert, was over $400. Not horrible, but I expect good service when we pay those kinds of prices for dining out.

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  1. your experience there was superior to mine.

    as a vegetarian/pescatarian, i SO much wanted to like this place.

    our service was much worse than yours (the server completely FORGOTabout bringing us our food because she was engaged in a personal conversation with another employee--i had to get up to remind her that we had not been served) and the food was on the poor side of fair.

    1. I have had the same experience, especially during dinner. Great food, lax service. Not all the time though. I do keep reccomending it, because I have had good service there, too.

      I do think going for the sunday buffet would be better, since you serve yourself, and the food is great (and bountiful)

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      1. re: Diana

        IMHO, the Sunday buffet isn't any better. We only go when out of town guests want a "real Los Angeles" experience. Otherwise, it's not worth the effort to get there.

      2. My last visit to Inn of the 7th Ray was over two years ago, but I remember loving my meal though the main standout was the dessert. Most of them come w/ the most fragrant scoop of ice cream (lavender, etc.) though I do believe they bring that in from somewhere else. The service is lax, because most of the waiters/waitresses there are just new age "out of it" or high. I kinda expected that out of a place like this anyways. =P

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        1. re: mstinawu

          The more I think about it, the angrier I get (don't worry, I won't lose any sleep). Lax service because of a certain 'tude, at these prices, only show "ineptitude." I don't mind a new-agey "aura" in a restaurant, but I do expect good service. It is, after all, still a business.

        2. I totally agree. I hosted a bridal shower there this past Sunday and thought the food was ok, at best. Service was mediocre, not to mention the fact that someone hit my car in the parking lot and the owner claims it wasn't her valet. She offered to give me $20 for the detailing, even though it was twice that much and my car has permanent damage down to the metal. I'm so not happy with that place and will never go back.

          Also, does anyway else think it smells weird? Not the incense, but it almost smells like raw sewage to me in certain areas of the outdoor patio. Blech.

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          1. re: Samantha

            We were there at night. They had the incense burners going, and when the breeze shifted, we could smell it. It did not make the food taste any better (au contraire).

            The restaurant is pretty. Romantic, even. The food was okay. But I doubt I'll go back there until I hear they've improved their service and started paying attention to details.

            1. re: Samantha

              My wife remembers the smell. I don't, but that doesn't mean anything as I tend to forget that sort of thing, well any sort of thing. She agreed that it was like sewage, near the bottom of the patio stairs. We both liked the desert, I remember that and it is a nice setting, but they don't seem to run a tight ship.

              1. re: ahuacatl

                The odor eminates from the stream that romantically dribbles by the patio. It is not sewage, it is actually a natural algea that tends to choke local streams. They can do nothing about it.

                1. re: Diana

                  Fair enough, that makes some sense. I have a stronger sense of smell than my wife and if it was truly sewage I'm sure I would have remembered. She didn't like it, but it wasn't constant, just some whiffs and knowing that it's just the stream makes it less objectionable.

                  1. re: ahuacatl

                    Sadly, the restaraunt is powerless to change it. The odor is not always there, as the aglea has cycles.

            2. We live close enough that I WISH INN was worth going to frequently!! The ambience truly is exceptional. The food is, agreed, just okay. The wait-staff is alternately high, disinterested or arrogant/rude. This place has such potential with it's stunning venue alone. You'd think such multiple negative sentiments would somehow reach the owners ears. If he is in the business to make money, he'd do him or herself a tremendous favor to excercise greater control over who she/he hires. As it stands, it's a negative one-time eating experience for locals. AND we could stand to be this persons main bread & butter!! JET

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              1. re: Jet

                And oddly, the owners are psychiatrists/psychologists. One would assume they could understand the psyche of the modern customer/patron enough to know that good service made people feel nice. I have been given the brush off by the Lucy yaney herself, being treated very rudely after I complimented her establishment pre-dinner and told her how excited I was to be there for Valentine's day.

                Shame on you, Ralph and Lucy Yaney.

                maybe they are beginning to go "Sweet Lady Jane" on us.