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Mar 11, 2008 10:05 AM

Have any Good Pork Belly Recipes?

I'm a big fan of pork belly. Although I've only made it twice and only ate it a few times in restaurants, I love it. I had a pretty good version in Fort Bragg at Mendo Bistro and my All About Braising Cookbook has one that I cooked and loved.

I want to try something different this time. I was thinking maybe Kakuni, but I'm open to try almost any recipe. Any ideas? I did find a thread on Kakuni here, but wanted to know if anyone tried anything else.

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  1. My current favorite pork belly recipe is "aromatic pork belly hot pot" in The River Cottage Meat Book.

    1. Red-cooked pork belly is somewhat simlar to kakuni. For simplicity's sake, I prefer lechon kawali: belly boiled in with aromatics, thoroughly dried, and then deep fried. The results are crunchy but unctuous and fantastic with either a soy-vinegar dip or lechon sauce. If you're on the more adventurous side, I also have a recipe for belly stewed in pork blood.

      1. Chinese style pork belly is so good, especially served w/ steamed buns. I don't use a recipe, but something along these lines, though I do use star anise and no mustard.

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          I've been wanting to try a Hopkinson recipe for an Asian style pork belly - I'll try to dig up the book and post a paraphrase of it - another 'hound said it was amazing.

        2. Vietnamese Clay Pot Pork, where you start by caramelizing sugar for the sauce, works either with Boston butt or belly.

          1. Bo Ssam - Korean Pork Belly with Kimchi

            1 pound Pork Belly
            1 large white or yellow onion
            3 green or spring onion
            2 green chilies
            1 inch knob fresh ginger
            1 teaspoon coarse Black Pepper
            4 cloves fresh garlic
            1/4 cup soy sauce
            2 tablespoon Soy bean paste (Doenjang)
            Water 8 cups

            8 cloves fresh raw garlic
            5 Green chili or jalapeno peppers
            6 or more whole leaves of Fresh Napa Kimchi
            Red or Green loose leaf lettuce
            Ssam Jang* See below for recipe if needed


            Peel Onion and cut in quarters
            Wash ginger and cut into about 1/8 inch slices
            Trim top and bottom of green spring onion and cut into thirds
            Slice green chilies in half lengthwise
            Mix soy sauce, soy bean paste, and pepper with 1 cup of water.
            Put remaining water into a large pot, add all boil ingredients, and bring to a rolling boil over high heat (Watch the pot for boil over).
            Reduce heat to medium, cover, and cook for 1 1/2 to 2 hours (Watch pot for boil over).
            If needed, add more water to maintain slightly more than 1/2 original volume.

            Prepare wraps
            wash garlic and pepper in cold water then thin slice.
            Cut Kimchi leaves (if narrow leaves cut lengthwise, if wide leaves cut crosswise) into rougly 1 inch by 3 inch strips.

            Remove Pork Belly from pot and discard everything else
            Slice the Prok Belly into bite size pieces
            Place on piece of pork belly on one end of a strip of kimchi, top with garlic slice and pepper slice, and roll the kimchi.
            Repeat for each piece of pork belly.
            (You can secure the wraps with toothpicks - make sure they can be seen though - no accidents please)

            Serve at room temperatureas part of a Korean meal, as a drinking snack, or as an appetiser.

            Ssam jang

            1/4 cup of soybean paste (Korean-doenjang/Japanese-Miso)
            1/2 cup gochujang (Korean chili paste) **
            1 fresh red chili pepper
            1 fresh green chili pepper
            4 cloves garlic
            2 green/spring onion
            1 tablespoon of sesame seeds
            1 tablespoon of sesame oil
            water as needed
            1 teaspoon rice wine

            ** gochujang substitute
            **1/3 cup fine or medium ground dried red chili pepper
            **6 cloves fresh garlic
            **1/4 small white or yellow onion
            **1 teaspoon sugar
            **1 tablespoon of sesame oil
            **1 tablespoon rice wine
            **3 tablespoon soy sauce
            **water as needed

            [**Mix gochujang substitute if needed
            Place onion, peeled garlic cloves, and soy sauce in a blender and blend until liquified (add a small amount of water if needed).
            Mix all ingredients in a medium mixing bowl and mix well.
            Add just enough water to be able to mix. The result should be a very thick paste that must be spooned from the bowl.]

            Finely chop (mince) the garlic, chili peppers, and green onion.
            In a small mixing bowl, add all Ssam jang ingredients and mix well.
            Add a small amount of water if needed to maintain a mixable paste.
            Cover and let stand at room temperature for 1 hour.