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Mar 11, 2008 10:00 AM

Something to relish near Cabbagetown PLS.

Anyone have any ideas where I can get decent dinner for anniversary near there?

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  1. There are still a couple of good places right in Cabbagetown. I know you're the Town Grill fan. Is there anything else you and your significant other like to eat/drink?

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      Are those are? I am eager to hear something I have overlooked...

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        Have you tried Piccolo? I've had some lovely dinners and lunches there. There's a beautiful fireplace in the back of the main room that's perfect for romance.

        I've yet to have dinner at Jam Cafe, but their brunches have been good. Gorgeous room, although I don't rec their teeny tiny table for two by the fireplace unless small is your style.

        I don't think there's any French left in the 'hood aside from Provence (and on that place we agree). There's a little bistro called Weezie's at King & Power so it's Cork-, not Cabbagetown but not far at all. Weezie's has a small, moderately-priced wine list. I couldn't recommend their food more from appetizers to desserts. The table at the southeast corner is very nice for couples.

        354 King St E, Toronto, ON M5A1K9, CA

        226 Carlton St, Toronto, ON M5A2L1, CA

        195 Carlton St, Toronto, ON M5A2K7, CA

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          Thanx Googs, I'll see what my SO thinks....

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          We never did hear back about where you went Magret. I'd love to know.

      2. hmmm, not sure about food, but The Cobourg is a great place for anniversary drinks

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          We love The Cobourg, French is my thing but I find Provence overrated IMO. I was hoping there was a new jewel or overlooked spot?!

        2. The original comment has been removed
          1. The House on Parliament, though it might not be fancy enough for an anniversary meal. Town Grill also, but it seems you know about that already.

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              Yeah, but The Town Grill has closed. I have eaten at the house on parliament. It was the worst service I have ever had and the food was unbelievable mediocre. I am hoping for more of a french bistro type thing...oh well thanx anyway.

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                What about Batifole? It's not too far away. Surprised it hasn't been mentioned.

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                  I think magret likes to support her neighbourhood as well as wanting a French bistro. This is why I suggested Weezie's rather than Batifole. My experiences at Weezie's have been 100% positive. Never had a bad anything. Okay, the bread when it first opened, but not now.

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                    Went to Weezie's a few weeks ago. Nice warm environment. Simple menu. If a salad, chicken paillard and a glass of decent wine with a reasonable markup works for you, then you'll like it.

                2. re: magret

                  When did the Town Grill close? That's too bad.

                  Strange about the House. I've had nothing but good experiences there.

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                    I don't particularly care for HoP either. Poor service & liberal use of salt is better suited for people who want to "order up" their drinks so they don't run out while they smoke. Honestly I'd rather go to Ben Wicks.

                    1. re: Googs

                      Wow, harsh. And I don't even smoke.

                      1. re: Googs

                        yah I disagree too. I really hardly drink, only one drink with dinner at HoP and Ive had nothing but amazing friendly service and good food in my experience. Though I will say, last time I went I felt the pulled pork had slid significantly. It just didnt have the same flavour I remembered from previous experiences.

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                          Perhaps I was a little heavy-handed. Bear in mind, though, that I make every effort to support my neighbourhood by shopping and eating everywhere along Parliament from Wellesley to Queen. It takes a great deal for me to say anything negative about Cabbagetown. I am disappointed in HoP because I think they're coasting on their reputation rather than building on it.

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                            I totally disagree on the HoP. It's the best thing about Cabbagetown. I've had nothing but extremely friendly and attentive service there. I've only started going recently so I'm not giving them any credit for prior performance.

                            What do you like so much about Ben Wicks? I've never been as I don't want to forego something I know I'll enjoy for the unknown.

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                              Rallying to the defence of the HoP. It can get extremely busy, which, of course, can adversely affect the service, but while the style of specials has changed over the years (Steve, Milan, Joan, Andrew all having different preferences), I would say that the quality has been remarkably consistantly good. I also disagree about the salt issue. It's packed every night for dinner for good reason. The pub grub is very good, but it's the specials that really shine. Nice brunch, as well.

                              My defence concluded, I will say that it's not suitable for an anniversary. Too much a pub for that.

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                                I'd say it would be more helpful to magret if we did this on a separate post. We're straying too far off of her needs.

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                                  BTW, Googs... did you see the piece on Cabbagetown in the Globe on Saturday? Search the G&M site if you haven't. Interesting.

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                                    I did. I found it interesting, although it doesn't do much to promote our neighbourhood. I'd love to give the writer a tour. Frustrated at the suggestion that we, the residents, don't support Cabbagetown. Who needs FourBucks when you have Jet Fuel anyway?

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                                      I was at HoP last night and I found it a refreshing change from the "Duke of" pubs in the city. The owners and staff are really friendly and joke around with everyone. Lots of locals/regulars and it was packed. We had the tortiere, steak and mushroom pie and the roast pork chop and it was all excellent. They have some fantastic panini sandwiches which seemed to be popular with the ladies

                  2. We've been meaning to try the Stonegrill Rest. on Winchester. Anyone have a review for that place.

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