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Mar 11, 2008 09:34 AM

Chris' Charcoal Pit - Annapolis - West Street

I just heard about this place last night from some friends. Supposedly it's good Greek food. Has anyone been?

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  1. I'm very interested to hear reports on this...I have a coworker who has moved out of state and makes this one of her 'must-haves' whenever she is back in town. I'm just not sure how reliable of an indicator her taste don't go out to lunch much with a telecommuter.

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    1. re: wawajb

      Huh, so maybe it's really true. I won't have to travel to the ghetto to wait in line at Samos!! Although, I'll never love another like I love Samos!

      1. re: lrebetsky0423

        Well, it's fine in kind of a homey way, but I certainly wouldn't compare it to Greektown. It's Greek-American fare all the way, pretty good Gyros and the like, as well as pastas, etc. Everything I've had there is good, solid, but heavy, food.

    2. I would not go out of my way. I used to think it was above average but it isn't. Typical greek salads, gyro,etc. We think Lebanese Taverna in Annapolis is much better (I know it's not Greek). This gives me a chance to vent again about how awful the Annapolis dining scene is. Chains and tourist traps, especially downtown. If it wasn't for Lemongrass, Giolliti's and Lebanese Taverna we'd starve. And please don't go mentioning Boatyard Bar and Grill, Tsunamai and Joss. Even mediocrity tends to stand out in this town.

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      1. re: goldie

        That's the exact thing that I don't get. Annapolis is such a great town why are there no good restaurants?!

        So, what you're saying is is that I won't find Taromasalata at Chris'?

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          The Charcoal Pit is really an American-Greek take-out kind of place in a sub-prime strip of shops in Parole. It's been there 30+ years and I think the grand kids work there now. (Not unlike Paul's down the road a bit.) They do a casual sit-down business too. Pizzas, hot and cold subs, spaghetti, veal parm, chicken fingers, with "Greek" foods - gyros, mousaka etc. on the menu too. There is the ubiquitous taramosalata. Don't expect it to be life-changing, but it is a family-run and friendly place. Here's the menu:

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            Thanks for the website crackers!! I notice that they take cash only. Alot of Greek places operate that way. I wonder why that is?