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Commander's Palace-Dinner or Brunch?

I've been scouring the board trying to find out if Commander's is better for brunch or for dinner. I haven't found any specific leads yet. I currently have dinner reservations, but it's far enough in advance that I can change it to a brunch reservation.

Any input would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. I haven't been to either brunch or dinner, but lunch is wonderful. 25 cent martinis. Good food. Lots of ambience.

    1. I enjoy the music at the Sunday Jazz brunch. The best part is that you have all day to digest.

      1. When I think Commander's....I think Sunday Jazz Brunch....

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            We had a really lovely Sunday Brunch at Commander's Palace. Everything was delicious, but the French Toast (Pain Perdu) was a particular standout. My hubbie was in heaven.

          2. Maybe just to be the contrarian, I love Commander's for dinner best. Yes, the Jazz Brunch is fun, but I think that the restaurant and staff really shine with the dinner service.

            Were it me, I'd opt for Commander's for dinner and brunch at Ralph's on the Park. I'm more a food and wine guy and the "fun" atmosphere, while, well, er-r-r, fun, is down my list. Give me great food, great wine, great service and I am having "fun." However, you have to remember that I am probably older than your parents, so weigh my comments accordingly.


            1. I like dinner better because there are more tourists for jazz brunch. They come in wearing jeans, t-shirts, whatever. There's also more families with kids that come in during brunch. To me, it makes it a less enjoyable experience. However, if you're looking for a less formal experience, brunch may be for you.

              1. Definitely lunch in the garden room.

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                  Yes, that's my favorite, too! On a nice spring day...with inexpensive martinis.

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                    hey hc need a local's advice on where to go for a birthday dinner and a dance after maybe, going to no march 24, looking forward to enjoy a great night out on april 1 and i promise to take your advice. nothing super fancy, just big easy fun. thanks

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                    Yep, my favorite as well...lunch in the garden room. Was quite dissapointed in dinner....not the service but the food. Perhaps my expectations are lower for lunch but I'm happy with a good soup and salad. Oh, and a good stiff drink.