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Mar 11, 2008 09:28 AM

corned beef for people who hate corned beef

My husband and sister think they hate corned beef, but I've had it prepared in ways I think anyone would like. (I've also had sad versions that most would hate.)

So what's your recipe to convert corned beef haters to those who would love it???


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  1. Lots of Irish Whiskey maybe??? What is it that they don't like about it??

    1. We don't particularly like corned beef, but we love Rueben sandwiches. I have a recipe for a hot Rueben dip that I'm serving our guests on Monday, hope they like it!

      1. I boil the for about 2 hours take out and score the fatty part into diamond pattern not going all the way down to bottom of meat. I mix together brown sugar, and grain mustard together and smear over top of corn beef and pour ginger ale on top while cooking at 350 continue to baste top with ginger ale. This makes a great carmelized version and goes well with saute cabbage not boiled.

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          Lynus, that sounds great. Do you use the store bought spicing, or brine your own?

        2. FAKE PASTRAMI: Boil corned beef with a lot of pickling spice for 2 hours. Remove from pot, wipe off spices, put in baking dish, and stud with whole cloves. Cover with a mixture of brown sugar and mustard. Bake to glaze. Make sandwiches on rye bread with good mustard. I got this recipe 50 years ago in Married Students' Housing from a neighbor whose husband later became an Ambassador; have always wondered to what illustrious persons she may have served Fake Pastrami.

          1. There are some good ideas on this thread. I use the brown sugar/mustard mixture. I didn't realize that so many others did this too.