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Mar 11, 2008 09:14 AM

Weekday lunch on Upper West Side

My wife and I are meeting a friend for lunch on the Upper West Side on a Thursday and we're looking for a nice place for lunch. We don't want something incredibly formal or expensive, but we want something that is worth of a chowhound. I have seen some recommendations for restaurants on the UWS (telepan, isabella's, Zeytin, etc.), but I don't know what lunch is like at these places. Can anybody point me in the right direction? Thanks...

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  1. Many places have a great prix-fixe lunch deal - jean georges is the 1st that comes to mind. Telepan does one too, but only certain days of the week so check 1st.

    Other options - Nice Matin, kefi (cash only), bouchon bakery, landmarc

    1. I would not go to Isabella's. It's only OK. I would sooner go to Ocean Grill. You could go to Bar Boulud (mixed reviews on this board, including mine, but I'm eager to try it again); does Picholine have lunch? If so, check that out.

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        I highly recommend La Boite en Bois at 68th & Columbus. This intimate walk-down French bistro is just as charming as they get. Pleasant service and a lovely lunch menu which is reasonable.

      2. I love Jean Georges for lunch! It's an absolute steal for a 4-star meal.
        I went to Bar Boulud for lunch last week and it was quite a good experience (they do offer a prix fixe menu as well as a la carte). I highly suggest you to try their charcuterie.

        Picholine and Kefi are only available for dinner. If they were open, I would go there in a hearbeat!