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Mar 29, 2002 10:14 AM

Ruen Pair Take Out

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Got some here last night. Simple place. Cash only. No alcohol. Pretty quick take out. Had Fried Green Mussels--greasy and good, especially with the Sriracha sauce. Red Curry Chicken--tasty, lots of chicken. Seafood Salad--spicy--medium on this is hot elsewhere--lots of fish whose smooth texture contrasts with the spice. Got to go back and try the Morning Glory Stems and Chinese Olive and Ground Pork. Etc. 5257 Hollywood Blvd. 323/466-0153.

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  1. I've never thought Thai works as take out but at Ruen Pair you've got to try the shrimp cakes, papaya salad, sticky rice, and as you mentioned the morning glories. It's better when you eat it there and bring your own beer.

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      Actually, had the sticky rice as well. Probably not the best pick for takeout. Shrimp cakes, huh? Like the ones at Kruang Tedd. Incidentally, what's the 411 on The Stone which is apparently owned by the same people as KT?

    2. Had some red curry chicken that had been in the frig about a week. It was great. Better than the first night I bought it. The spicy seafood salad OTOH while still very spicy did not hold up well.