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Mar 11, 2008 08:59 AM

Are vegan desserts OK?

We have friends who keep kosher coming for dinner soon. We aren't Jewish, so although I know a little about what is okay to serve, I was wondering if a vegan dessert -- no eggs or dairy -- would be acceptable after a non-fish dinner.


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  1. Are you serving them meat? It depends on "how kosher" they are, whether they'd eat food from your home. However, at a basic level, ingredient vegan (eggs are fine actually) should be fine for a meat meal , on paper.

    1. It all depends on their level of observance - for instance I do keep kosher but will eat a vegetarian meal at friends' homes - so for me a vegan dessert is fine - there are some who are more observant who would not eat at someone else's home at unless they now it came from a kosher establishment - best bet is ask - I know I always appreciate it when asked about what I am comfortable with -

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        They eat in restaurants, and will eat meat at somebody's home if the meat is kosher. They've had dinner at our home before, but I served salmon that time. This time I was thinking about roasting chickens.

        1. re: eklancaster

          In that case, you're probably fine with a non-dairy dessert. Eggs are considered neutral, neither meat nor dairy, and can be served after any meal

          1. re: GilaB

            Just a couple pointers about non-dairy. Beyond the obvious no milk, cream, and butter a lot of other products that you wouldn't think are dairy contain trace amounts of dairy. This includes some non-dairy creamers, some margarines, and most chocolate. If you are going to be serving meat, depending on how picky your guests are you need to make sure every ingredient is labeled kosher parve/non-dairy.

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              Also, eggs need to be checked for blood spots before use. Just crack each one in a glass and have a look at the yolk. A blood spot is pretty easy to spot.

            2. re: eklancaster

              if they ate at your home, but may draw the line at eating meat,
              you might want to have the meat portion of your meal from a
              take out caterer that is kosher like the restaurants they eat at.

              1. re: eklancaster

                Based on the information in your 11:19 post, their observance is not strict and any vegan dessert would be fine. If you serve chicken, you can use eggs (no blood spots!) but not dairy.