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Mar 11, 2008 08:12 AM


Hi everyone,
One of my favorite things to eat is quail. Any recommendations for restaurants that have excellent quail dishes?

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  1. Hearth has an amazing quail appetizer and it comes with a bitty poached quail egg. Prune has a quail main dish, but I liked the dish at Hearth better.

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      I've had the Prune dish, and I actually liked it a lot! I'll have to check out Hearth as well.

      1. re: umisquirrel

        I did like the Prune dish, but I had it the night after I was totally blown away by the one at Hearth. I probably put Prune at an unfair advantage on that!

    2. My absolute favorite quail dish has to be the quail stuffed with foie gras at L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon. It was served with the signature potato puree with truffle. I mean, quail and foie gras, how can you go wrong with that?

      (Gordon Ramsay has a very similar dish with squab, if you are also interested)

      Craft has a simple quail dish perfectly cooked and adorned with just a drizzle of balsamic vinegar (they said 50-yr-old, I have my doubt...) It was THE dish to enjoy the pure flavor of high quality quail.

      Casa Mono and Degustation also have their version of quail dishes. The one at Casa Mono sometimes was charred too much, but if you like charred skin (not the same as crispy), then you should fine it ok. On the other hand, Degustation sometimes undercooked my quail and the skin was not crisy with meat still attached to the bone (with a little blood). When executed correctly, the flavor was great. Of course, the prices at these two places are a lot more friendly than Degustation.

      I tried the quail dish at Babbo but I didn't love it. My friend enjoyed it very much. I guess it's personal preference.

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        I agree: That quail dish at Craft is stellar!!!!!

      2. Orso has a very good stuffed quail dish.

        1. I've had the quail at Degustation, but the one at Momofuku *blew me away*. Crisp, slightly salty skin, delicate meat, beautifully poached quail egg, tasty garnishes -- it was more French than Asian, but I loved it!!

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          1. Nino's on 1st ave. serves 2 stuffed quail stuffed with duck confit and a flavorful sauce.