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Mar 11, 2008 08:03 AM

place to taste olive oil before buying?

Hello out there,
I was wondering if there is any place that sells olive oil that lets you taste it before you buy it.
I have strong opinions about olive oil, so I don't want to buy a nice bottle and end up hating it.
Any suggestions?

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  1. ooh, theres a place in the west village that sells only olive oil and vinegars ( i think) and tastes them all.... I bought a great cherry balsamic there. of course i cant remember the name of the place.... maybe someone else will. I feel like its on bleeker....

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    1. re: bastet212

      Oliviers & Co! It is excellent. The same store is also inside Grand Central but I don't think they let you try the oils at that location.

      1. re: villager21

        One of the stores on Bleecker is called O&CO (same as Oliviers & Co. that villager 21 mentioned. They have a branch at Grand Central next to the marketplace. They allow you to taste most of the products (oil, vinegar, jam, etc.) before purhcases. The quality is quite good.

        I have tasted their 99 yr-old balsamic vinegar and it was amazing!

        1. re: kobetobiko

          How would you rate the quality and authenticity of Oliviers & Co's olive oil?

    2. The UWS Fairway always has samples of 5-6 different kinds out.

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      1. re: Snaps

        The one up in Harlem has usually 6-8 littles trays to try. Sometimes, they have balsamic vinegar as well

      2. Williams-Sonoma has samples of some of it's olive oils.

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          Believe it or not I have a feeling that Fig & Olive will gladly allow you to taste before buying. Not only are they a restaurant, they sell olive oil.
          As a part of their dinner, they bring 3 different olive oils to the table gratis for you to taste with a history of each one. If you like one (or more) you can purchase them.

            1. re: idia

              I think Bellavitae also sells their olive oils by the bottle, but I don't know that you can sample them for free.

              1. re: idia

                Yeah I've been there before. I think that sounds like a good idea. I'll stop in for some wine, and hopefully they'll let me taste their olive oils.
                Thanks everyone for the replies!

                1. re: umisquirrel

                  Surprised no one has mentioned Stonehouse Olive Oil on Front Street -- Always been really happy with their products.

                  1. re: Westrite

                    Westrite do they still give a discount on refills?

                    1. re: financialdistrictresident

                      Yes, they do. Three dollars off if you bring your own bottle.

                      1. re: kerokaeru

                        thanks, kerokaeru. They also have added some organic grocery items.

                    2. re: Westrite

                      To clarify, the place is now called "Provisions on Beekman", and among other things, they distribute Stonehouse Olive Oil (the owners of the grocery and the oil maker are friends, I understand). And they do have their oil available for tasting, and they do give discounts (now $4 off!) if you bring your own bottles for refilling. I quite like their "Estate" olive oil!

                      The store hosts a CSA, which gives them additional cred...

                      Provisions on Beekman
                      150 Beekman St, New York, NY 10038

              2. Murray's Cheese in the W. Village often has olive oil (usually Italian) out for sampling, but not always. Same with Despana in Soho, which which specialized in Spanish products.

                1. DiPalo's in Little Italy is a great place to taste and has wonderful choices.