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Mar 11, 2008 08:03 AM

BYOB recs needed - toddler in tow

My sister and brother-in-law are arriving next weekend with my 14 m.o. niece. I’m looking for an inexpensive to moderate, fairly casual BYOB that will happily accommodate our party of 4, on Saturday night on the early side – 5:30 or 6pm.

I know I can call around and see who has high-chairs, but I’m hoping someone has personal experience with this. Being sans kids myself, I’m a bit at a loss as to which establishments are “kid-friendly” (somewhat loud, not cramped, etc.). My niece loves to people-watch and luckily is not at the stage (yet) where she throws food or screams :)

There are no food restrictions, and we have a car, so Center City and surrounding areas are fine (NoLibs, South Philly, Chestnut Hill, etc.). Some places we’ve been in the past (without the kiddo) that would fit the bill, except that I’m looking for a new spot: Las Cazuelas, Figs, Mercato, and Vientiane Café. We will also consider non-BYOB places if they have a good beer selection for my brother in law. A place like Standard Tap would be great if it wasn’t as “dark and pub-y”.

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  1. Cafette in CH might work well.

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      I haven't been there. Their website is intriguing and I bet their garden is lovely in warmer weather. Thanks for the idea.

    2. Melograno at 23 & Spruce. I have a 13 month old and they've brought out toast, mashed potatoes, a demitasse spoon to feed her with. I've seen lots of other children there, especially around the 5:30-6:00 hour. Don't go any later or you'll have to wait. It's not the most spacious place, but it can get pretty loud.

      Tiffin is great if you like Indian (I do) - 7th & Girard There's a whole area near the bathroom that the kid can stretch her legs a little.

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        I haven't been to Tiffin since they opened the second floor. I love their food :)

      2. We have a 17-month old and like to eat out.

        We've gone to Osteria, they have high chairs, but it's not BYOB, and I don't remember anything about their beer selection. London Grill in Fairmount has high chairs, a decent childrens menu, and a good beer selection. We live in Fairmount and go often. L'Oca, also in Fairmount, is BYOB, has high chairs, and pretty good food. It's a bit tight though, so the earlier you go the better. Belgian Cafe has high chairs and a fantastic beer selection, but I'm not crazy about the food other than the mussels.

        Mercato has high chairs and is a BYOB. Again, it's tight, so the earlier you go the better.

        I'll do some more thinking on places outside of our 'hood... Hope this helps!

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          I live in Fairmount too. My sister and BIL love the neighborhood, but I also like to show them other areas.

          Also in the running that I thought of last night:


          They live in metro Detroit and have access to great Middle Eastern food, so I'm trying to steer clear of it for their visit.

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            I'm not so sure about L'Angolo. The tables are pretty tight in there and I don't know if they can fit a high chair.

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              I agree with Philly Ray in that L'Angolo might not be a good choice. I was there with a toddler myself last year in April and it was a nightmare. There was absolutely no room for a a child to even walk around. Since we were there for a birthday dinner and couldn't leave, we took turns walking around the block with her till dinner was over:(

          2. Marigold Kitchen has a few rooms upstairs that could easily handle a precocious youngin'. Just call in advance to make arrangements.