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Locally Grown Food in DC- Restaurant Recs

I have been reading a lot about Slow Food and the benefits of buying and eating locally grown food (health, environmental, and economical). I would like to support restaurants in the area that either focus on locally grown food or try to incorporate locally grown food into their menus. Any recommendations for restaurants that serve great tasting locally grown food? I dine out a lot so I can use a long list. Thanks!

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  1. Hook gets all its non-fish ingredients locally, and its fish are sustainable seasonal selections that may or may not be local depending on availability.

    In Baltimore Woodberry Kitchen uses local ingredients, even seafood.

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      ... however, it should be noted that none of the fish served at Hook were individually sustained, as each arrives at the table delicious but dead.

    2. Restaurant Nora

      are two that I know of.

      1. Nora's is an option for organic, sustainable food as well. I don't know if they purchase all of the produce/meat locally, but you can always call the restaurant and ask.

        1. Oh I forgot another excellent option, Equinox.

            1. Eve and the rest of the Armstrong empire focus on local suppliers.

              But I think that most of the top restaurants in the city now try to present seasonal menus and source from local suppliers.

              Heck, even the Clyde's chain presents a changing, seasonal menu, and tries to highlight local produce!

              1. I've heard Nora is a great place. I haven't actually been though.

                Cashion's writes their menu daily according to what the farmers in the area have available. I think they also have a lot of sustainable fish and meat on their menu.

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                  I also hear good things about Blue Duck Tavern doing local and thoughtfully sourced product. Haven't been there yet, though.

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                    Nora was ok the one time i went but in typical DC fashion the tables are SO close you can smell people's wine in their glasses at the next table... :) i won't go back because of that. If the food had been to die for maybe, but it wasn't. And it's spendy.

                  2. I know you asked for D.C. but if you're ever in Baltimore, there's a wonderful restaurant on the Johns Hopkins campus called Cafe Azafran that focuses on locally grown, organic food.

                    1. The Sonoma/Mendocino Grille family puts a large emphasis on it.

                      1. There's also some restaurants doing a seasonal series of dinners where you can meet the farmers this year. I forget who's involved - possibly Rustico?

                        1. "Gerard's Place" is a very fine French restaurant that buys locally grown food.

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                            haven't been since it 'reinvented' itself as a bistro. Wondered if it's good? Anyone been?

                          2. Equinox has always used locally grown and produced products. Hook uses local seafood I believe.

                            And Cashion's use to be a big supporter of local farms etc. Not sure if it still maintains that "home grown" feel now that they have a new chef and owner. I haven't eaten there in over a year but have enjoyed it in the past. Perhaps someone else knows.