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Mar 11, 2008 08:00 AM

HK - Lian (Viet-Thai) in IFC - anyone been there?

I've recently seen a blog post or two mentioning Lian in the IFC Mall.

My wife and I are addicted to it's sister restaurant Thai Basil in Pacific Place for a few years. Does anyone have a yea or nay on Lian for our next visit to the fragrant harbor?

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  1. Lian is much more 'pan-SE asian', while Thai Basil is, well, a bit more Thai, though imo neither of them are about an 'authentic' experience, just a nice, civil, dependable meal. Lian is comfy, cosmopolitan and decent value, esp. for the IFC, though unless I was staying nearby, it wouldn't top my list.
    They have a range of Vietnamese and the occasional satay, as well as pad thai-ish things, and all are fine - nothing really to fault if you liked Thai Basil.
    Plus if you fancy a drink, cocktails at Lian are quite nice.

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      "Authentic" is not in among my usual top priorities when it comes to dining. I get gigged all the time on the Mid-Atlantic USA board for liking an "inauthentic" Mexican place in New Jersey. But I still like it.

      That said, what would top your list for Vietnamese in HK? I've been to and like Song's lunch buffet.

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        For viet I like Rice Paper and Indochine

        1. re: tk467

          Oh yeah, Indochine was a highlight of my last trip in October. Loved their chicken salad and their fish with chili sauce.

        2. re: fpatrick

          not such a fan of song myself, and you prob won't like my viet pick, since you're not too hot on authenticity (which i have no qualms about - each to their own!) but since you ask... it's a place called Ying Ping in Causeway Bay - i go there for everything except pho. For pho, I like Nha Trang on Wellington st. in Central (other things at Nha Trang aren't really worth the price imo), which seems like an unlikely choice for me since it's so 'foreigner', but actually, the quality of their pho is really good - you just need fresh, quality ingredients and a great soup base, which they do. Most pho places in HK are lacking in noodle quality (usually too starchy/gooey) or dish out msg soup.

          1. re: e_ting

            Don't get me wrong - I've got nothing against "authenticity" - it's just not a requirement for good food.

            Also, my fish-eating "vegetarian" wife often makes "authentic" a tough choice for us in many cuisines, given the worldwide use of chicken stock.

      2. Lian is a convenient place if you happen to be around IFC. The setting is reasonably nice, esp the big "bar" in the center with the "pond". Agree with e_ting that cocktails are nice. Set lunch is decent value.