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Mar 11, 2008 07:56 AM

Matzo Farfel

Question: is matzo farfel something uniquely made, or is it just pieces of broken up matzo? I have always just used broken up matzo. Is there really a difference in quality or taste?

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  1. I have always understood it as broken matza - used just for convenience sake

    1. it's usually made from broken (in the processing) whole matzas . same thing goes for matzah meal. there shouldn't be any difference in quality or taste

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      1. re: berel

        Yet the commercial matza farfel is always paler than regular whole sheets of matza. I always wondered if there's a reason that it's deliberately underbaked; perhaps because it gets re-baked in kugels, etc.? Anyone know?

        1. re: JRBlack

          unlike regular matza it is not cooked well done. this causes there to be less of a burnt taste.

          btw heres a great recipe:

          Carmelize a diced onion
          Toast 4 cups of matza farfel in a pan over high heat stirring onstantly until it starts realeasing a nutty aroma
          add 2 cups of chicken stock, and cook until liquid has been fully absorbed into the farfel.

          add mushrooms