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Mar 11, 2008 07:45 AM

Siren Hall - Elk Rapids, MI

Just read a review of chef/owner Michael Peterson's new venture in Elk Rapids, Siren Hall, in the Traverse City newspaper. Reviewer loved the place. I've always liked Peterson's Lulu's Bistro in Bellaire and it sounds like he's hit a home run in Elk Rapids.

Any chowhounds been there yet? It would be good to get a few more takes on the new eatery.

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  1. Well at least they won't have much competition in Elk Rapids. I never put much stock in Newspaper critics but I'll have to try to remember this on the way home.

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    1. re: Docsknotinn

      As far as Elk Rapids goes, I've enjoyed many meals at Pearls. We find it to be the best of the Schelde chain.

      1. re: Wakeley Bridge

        I guess it's subject to individual taste and perception but that's not really a very good benchmark IMO.

        1. re: Docsknotinn

          I totally agree. Pearls and Red Mesa and the other Magnum restaurants are typical fast casual chain fare. They don't use good ingredients. I couldn't even get a side of fried okra at Pearls because they only had canned pickled okra in the kitchen. Try the guac at Red Mesa--it is hard to taste the avocado. They put something in there to stretch it out and it makes it terrible.

          Lulus and Siren Hall make almost everything from scratch. You can tell when you eat there. Siren Hall is by far the best restaurant in Elk Rapids.

        2. re: Wakeley Bridge

          Pearls is not part of the Schelde chain. It is part of Magnum Enterprise (Pearls, Red Mesa, the Fish). All are excellant restruants. Pearl's collard greens are the best!

          1. re: spotteddog

            Mea culpa, I knew it was the Magnum group. I must have had an attack of oldtimer's disease. Thanks for the correction.

      2. Ate there tonight. Big crowd. What will it be like in the summer if it is this full in March? Food was excellent, but wait was about 20 minutes too long. Noise level was high and made worse by recorded music that was just audible enough to be annoying.

        1. just had a great dinner at Siren Hall and I think I saw Sam Elliot eating with Mariel Hemingway.....

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          1. Just dined here on Tuesday evening. Had the iceberg wedge (avocado, bacon and bleu cheese dressing). It tasted great but some of the avocado pieces were a little overripe and brown. Then I had a white pizza with wild mushrooms, italian sausage and gruyere. It was cooked perfectly and the mushrooms were fantastic.

            Service was great. They even graciously accommodated some very loud fudgies that walked in at about 9:30 pm.

            Our server told us that they are changing the menu for summer. I'm going to check it out again in a month or so.

            1. My family just hosted a private event at Siren Hall for about 90 people. Siren Hall and every member of it's staff made this event spectacular. I cannot say enough good things about this gem in Elk Rapids. We had people from all over the US, (many of whom are serious foodies), and they are all still raving about the experience, food and drink. Michael and Kim did an amazing job. I live in NYC, but my parents live in Elk Rapids and we all feel very lucky to have Siren Hall in town. I am heading back as soon as I land on July 3rd.