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Mar 11, 2008 07:45 AM

Driving from LA to Montecito on PCH. Need Lunch Recs


I am driving from LA to Montesito for a few nights at the San Ysidro Ranch. Google Maps suggests I take the 101, however I am sure it would be nicer to do the PCH, and stop for a nice lunch along the way. Any recommendations, there are no price restrictions, but casual good food is always fun. I don't need some elaborate meal, and a simple good salad/sandwich place would be great. I am familiar with the Malibu country mart area restaurants, so I guess I am more interested in something a bit farther.

PS. I am not from Cali...And I am leaving today so please be quick.

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  1. Well, the PCH is nicer, for a spell, then after Hitting OXnard, I'd head over to the 101.

    You could Stop at a seafood place, like Neptune's Net or the other one. More seafood shacks where you order at the counter, grab a beer and chow down.

    If you hit Oxnard or Camarillo before your tummy rumbles, you could try Masa Sushi. I like it.

    A few other people are more knowledgeable with that area.

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    1. re: Diana

      Why take 101 after Oxnard... will it cut down on travel time?

      1. re: jwurz

        You have no choice but to cut over to the 101 at Oxnard, the highway forces you there. But PCH is gorgeous, and well worth the drive.

        Not much great to eat in Ventura, your best choices are in Malibu. Or, wait until Santa Barbara and eat there, where there are so many great choices. Especially near San Ysidro.

        Neptunes Net at County Line is not a bad idea, it's a great view, great people watching.

        1. re: yogachik

          For Santa Barabara county recs, you gotta post again on the "California" board.

          I agree with yogachick, PCH IS gorgeous. You should drive pch then join the 101.

          I know there are a few places I am not remembering the names of. There is that beer spot in oxnard or camarillo (NOT BJ's) and the veggie place near ventura.

          1. re: Diana

            The beer spot in Camarillo is JJ Brewsky's...not sure if that is what you're thinking of.


      2. re: Diana

        If you like Greek food Taverna Tony in Malibu is a popular place with good food and atmosphere. Geoffrey's is expensive and the food is good, but priced high for what it is. Allegria on the land side of PCH in Malibu is good but no view. Dukes is ok and reasonably priced, but it is a view place as opposed to a food place. I mean the food is good, but not memorable. Quick breakfast or lunch a local place is Coogie's. No view, priced reasonably but not special.

      3. Look no further! There is an outstanding Italian restaurant in Ventura call Tutti's off Main. They have great food, nice wine list, and a very pleasant patio if the weather is nice. They used to be in Montecito, but moved to Ventura (G-d knows why?). They also have a hole in the wall in Santa Barbara called Tutti's where they have terrific breakfasts. I guarantee if you go to either Tutti's you will not be disappointed. Have lunch at the Ventura's a much nicer spot, but breakfast at the Santa Barbara is great also. If you go to either, post a follow-up.

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          1. If it's a nice day, go to the Paradise Beach cafe up in is one of the only places in LA where you can actually sit on the beach and eat...the food is nothing special, but neither are the seafood shacks on PCH, so it is well worth a stop...

            I agree with others that you should take PCH and jump onto the 101 before oxnard/ventura...

            I also agree that it doesnt make a lot of sense to stop in santa barbara, as it is well past the san ysidro ranch

            1. We took a chance in Ventura and got off the 101 and followed the sign to "the beaches". They were several beach shacky fish and chips places. They werent bad at all! Have a great time at SYR! I so miss the Plow and Angel. Many great nights there!