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Mar 11, 2008 07:32 AM

Floor mat

I am looking into floor mat for the kitchen area , by the sink , stove top and island. I don't want to do the whole kitchen, just where I prep and cook. Does anyone have suggestions?
The problem is my feet and back start to hurt real bad , standing on hardwood floor, even after 10 min, makes it difficult to finish prepping or cooking.

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  1. Here is a link to a similar question about Gel Mats, which I have and like:

    1. Your final choice will depend on your decor but your comfort has to come first.
      I have oriental runners with thick mats on my hardwood floors and have been really pleased with them. They don't show dirt at all. The mats keep them in place and provide serious cushioning. They get sent out for professional cleaning at least once or twice a year. The ones I have now are tribal designs that were fairly inexpensive at auction but aren't valuable antiques or anything like that.
      The rugs looked better in my house than the commercial appearance of gel mats or some other types available.

      You might also consider the shoes that you wear if your feet and back are getting tired that quickly. Ten minutes is a pretty short time to be getting so fatigued. I sometimes slip into Crocs or clogs when I'm going to be working for a long time on my feet.

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        You might find it easier to pick yourself up a pair of Crocs. They are light comfortable plastic/rubber type slip on shoes and are great for cooking. When they get dirty - splashed on, dribbled on, or ucky on the bottom because I stepped in something I spilled - I throw them in the dishwasher. Seriously. They clean up great and have saved my feet and back from my ceramic tile floor. Lovely to look at . . . (the floors - not the shoes!).

      2. I have been on a similar search. The kitchen shop I work in decided not to carry them because of the number we would be required to carry. I was in BB&B this weekend and they have a "B" store I had not heard of before and I can use my weekly coupons and special order one, I'm going for the 72" . It is $199+ 20% off. I am ordering one soon.